Rihanna Says To Y’all About Chris Brown: “Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake”

Rihanna says her happiness is more important than what any of you thinks about her making up with Chris brown. The quick tempered star who beat her mercilessly after Rihanna found out Chris was cheating because she read a three page text message he received from an unknown woman talking about how they would hookup later. Rihanna questioned him and he gave her the beating of her life. Rumor had it that this unknown woman was his manager very much older than him at a time whom he was having an affair with:

Rihanna's battered face

Rihanna’s battered face

As if that wasn’t enough, Chris Brown moved on to another girl Karrueche Tran:

Karrueche and Chris Brown

Karrueche and Chris Brown

And even released that song titled “Deuces” which most people believed was directed at Rihanna. Poor RiRi….I guess Chris must have the right remote control for ya.

This is what Rihanna has to say: “I decided it was more important for me to be happy. I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake,” the Stay singer revealed to Rolling Stonemagazine.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna

This is a typical example of why you shouldn’t get involved in people’s fight, especially boyfriend and girlfriend issues or husband and wife. Give listening ears to their stories, advice neutrally if you are not a professional counselor,  cos if you’re not careful or take sides with either of them, you’ll become their enemy when they make up…lol. Rihanna has really found “LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE”

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EastEnder’s Dean Gaffney Involved In A Car Crash

The Ex-Eastender star was reported to be seriously injured in a car crash. The news of the accident was tweeted by his friend actor Tamer Hassan saying: “Can we all pray for my good friend Dean Gaffney who has just had a bad car accident and is fighting for his life.”

Dean Gaffney

Dean Gaffney: Get well soon

The accident happened while Dean who played Robbie Jackson on EastEnders for 10 years was returning home from a performance which took place in Derby.

We hope for the best as his manager Dave told The Mirror “he’s going to be OK.”

Get well soon Dean, from egosentrik team xx

Sneak Peek: Beyonce’s Super Bowl Rehearsals

Yesterday I posted Bey’s hot picture wearing a super bowl jersey. Here is a sneak peek of a video Beyonce released of her back up dancers rehearsals:

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“ITZ OVA” Tonto Dikeh FT SYNPA… Most anticipated Video finally Here….

Controversial babe Tonto Dikeh has finally released the long awaited “Itz Ova” Ft Snypa…  No comments about the lyrics, I will let judge for yourself  but the beatz are up to scratch and the video production is tight enjoy……

Some Pix below….

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BlackBerry’s ‘BB10′ Another excuse for Runs Girls to up their Game?

I wonder what the hype is all about and why people are so technology crazy,  are they really technology crazy or is it just peer pressure to belong to a certain class, own the latest of every new gadget?

The effect is even worse on young girls, especially in developing countries where mobile phone  service providers do not provide free  contract phones .  Indirectly such technological advances only pressures them more down the route of sugar daddies or as it is usually referred to in Nigeria “RUNS”.

On another note though, the reviews  have been mixed while some say it is awesome especially with multi-tasking  , others just think it fails to meet their expectations and just looks like an imitation of the  Iphone.  Unfortunately I am not a tech junky so cant give a tech review sorry..


To be a big girl is not by buying all the latest phones, see how your mates show it *WINKs* :-



Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of the Formula 1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, spent more than £30,000  ( apprx 7.5M Naira) on a bar tab during an alcohol-fuelled night at a London nightclub.

Surely I am not saying, this is the way money should be spent especially with plenty of homeless and displaced people around the world, I am just saying don’t go over board in a bid to get a new phone….. it does not make you a big girl simples !!!!!

Jeremy Kyle recovers from Testicular Cancer

The 47 -year-old tv show host  is taking some time off as he recovers. The father-of- four,  had just undergone chemotherapy as part of his treatment for testicular cancer. He was said to have discovered lumps when he flew back from the states following the filming of the american version of his show last December.

For those who have never heard of Jeremy Kyle, he is the  host of a very popular British  TV show ” Jeremy Kyle Show” for over 7.5 years, ( nominated @ the National Television Awards for the best daytime TV show award).  His show is aimed at helping dysfunctional families and relationship with the aid of counselling.

While rejoicing with Jeremy as he defeats cancer and recovers, I must use this opportunity to encourage all our  readers to, please make yourselves aware of the different kind of cancers out there and check yourself / go for check ups regularly. There is a better chance of treatment and recovery if  cancer is  diagnosed early,  join the fight to conquer CANCER .

Randon Jeremy kyle’s video from youtube


Figures show that testicular cancer affects one man in 450 before the age of 50 and is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 45.

Read this for more info on testicular cancer and this for more information on world cancer day Feb 4

Millicent Mugadi Of BBA Wins An Election In Kenya

Millicent Mugadi  is a Kenyan actress and a former Big Brother Amplified housemate. She has won the first stage(primaries) of her ambition to become a council boss of her people in the on going Kenya elections.

In an interview with newsmen after her victory she said “I won my party elections as the Councilor where I wrestled politically with the incumbent councilor. I will be battling out with other political parties come March 4th this year.”

Millicent Mugadi

Millicent Mugadi

Oh dear, I better go into acting so that I can fulfill this my desire of being the Nigerian female president, just that I won’t be able to wear see through dresses to win votes….Lmao

Wizkid Nigerian Artist Now Under Same Management As Tinie Tempah

Wizkid revealed on Twitter that he is now being represented by DistrubingLDN the same management as Tinie Tempah.

The popular Nigerian music artist tweeted: “Big shoutout to my new management Team @DisturbingLDN!! We abt to disturb the world!!! Cc:@GodwinTom”

I think am sensing some sort of Wzkid ft Tinie Tempah in the future *wicked* I can’t wait to see this happen, that is what I am talking about. Nigerian-British artists, working with Nigerian home based artists for our entertainment pleasure.

Below are pictures of Wizkid and Tinie Tempah @cocoBar London, meanwhile Tinie should go have a clean shave mehn!

Wizkid and Tinie Tempah

Wizkid and Tinie Tempah

Wizkid and Tinie Tempah @Coko Bar



Accident In Onitsha: About 18 Feared Dead and 12 In A Car Crash

Onitsha accident

Onitsha accident

It was a tragic event on Monday at Onitsha Nkpor Flyover when a big truck lost control killing roughly 18 people and injuring 12 others. It was gathered that after the truck lost control, it ran into vehicles about 8 of them including a bus carrying students.

Eye witnesses said this incident wouldn’t have been this bloody had the Construction company (CCC) who blocked one side of the road in a bid to complete their road construction work. However their own vehicle got involved in the accident too.

I have to ask this important question, when will construction workers do their jobs at night in Nigeria? Also when will they stop big trucks from using same lane as small cars?. What all these politicians think about is how to steal millions of naira and not the interest of the poor masses. These politicians travel out and enjoy the organisation of western countries and not invest a penny in making the lives of Nigerian citizens any better, despite Nigeria being rich with oil and other natural resources good enough to improve the states of our roads and other amenities.

I detest Nigerian Politics, I remember wishing in the past as a child to one day to become a female president in Nigeria…lol. But instead of playing the dirty politics of our country with all these old men and women that are using juju(black magic) to gain and remain in power….I rather become a special adviser to the president on Nigerian Development Strategies….*wishful thinking* but maybe it might come to reality some day. Don’t underestimate the power of my imaginations.

Meanwhile my heart reaches out to the families of the accident victims. And the souls of the dead victims rest in peace.

Nollywood Star Nkiru Sylvanus Kidnappers Arrested

A combined team of State Security Service (SSS) and the Army yesterday in Owerri shot and arrested a serving police constable identified as Matthew Ofurum, who is believed to be the leader of the gang that abducted Nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, a few weeks ago. Source

Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus

9 People have been confirmed arrested over the incident and this includes Cletus, Stanley Asonna; Aminu Musa (aka Boski); Mohammed Abubakar; Obinna Okwuolisa; Samson Onwuka (aka VIP) were paraded at the SSS headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday while three others, Okoro Bassey; Chijoke Chima, and Festus Ologeme. Cletus is believed to be their ring leader and was arrested with 3.5 million naira on him, he is constable and got into the job with a new name Mathew Ofurm. This evil man is said to use his police uniform as a protection to kidnap and rob his victims….hmmmnnn*alu emee* He also recruits and train kidnappers to terrorize our very own Imo State.

Nkiru Sylvanus was kidnapped last December in Owerri were she serves as an aide to Governor Rochas Okorocha. On a side note, I am just wondering why this actress that is not from Imo State is an aide/adviser to the Imo state Governor? Don’t we have bright chics in Imo again? * jealousy isn’t it*?

But seriously all I have notice these days are  is musicians becoming ambassadors for this an that, including actors are now making decisions for the future of our country. With the kind of lame story lines they act in most Nigerian movies, I wonder what they’ve got to offer? Sometimes I do question whether they don’t study the roles they give them to realize it doesn’t make any movie sense, and the worst part of it is that these movies comes out in Part 1, part 2, 3 to endless stupid story lines *mtcheww*. I watch a 1hr Nigerian movie in less than 20mins cos all I do is fast forward repetitions and the drags of someone thinking about everything I’ve watched before then…lol.

Meanwhile there are brilliant actors and producers, don’t get me wrong and most Yoruba movies I’ve watched are interesting and intelligent. I give the best producer and intersteing storyline Award to Kunle Afolayan he is damn good. His movies the “Figurine”, “Irapada” are brilliant and nothing like rubbish movies like “Blackberry babes”. Below is a trailer of the movie Figurine:

Anyway, I am glad Nkiru’s kidnappers have been apprehended those wicked and evil police people that indulge in such acts will be exposed in no time. Our Nigerian security system is really living up to my expectations in most cases. The fact that in less than a month they’ve caught different gangs of kidnappers that put fear in our hearts to visit our dearly beloved country Nigeria.

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