Gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o Covers May Issue Of Marie Claire Magazine

lupita Nyong'o Marie Claire May 2014 cover girl

It is not rocket science that Lancôme Paris, chose Lupita to be the first dark skin ambassador for the French luxury perfumes and cosmetics. They might have been developing their products to target the light skin world internationally, based on their geographical location.

However,  it is a great business strategy to  target and develop products for other skin colours, to aid competitive edge. Therefore, at the moment which dark skin celebrity would fit in better than buzzing Lupita? 

So yeah, Lupita has taken the world by storm and who God has blessed, no amount of ranting, name calling/smearing, blackmail by haters or attention seekers can bring him/her down.

Keep shining Lupita, you’ve got EGO’s support all the way!!!

Lupita says: “I am not in the business of trying to top this year—that’s virtually impossible.”

See more pics from the launch of the Magazine below:
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More Photos From Movie Producer Tchidi Chikere and Actress Nuella Njubigbo’s Trad Wedding

Tchidi Chikere and Nuella Njubigbo

The controversial couple got married last month amidst husband snatching saga. Below are more pics from their traditional wedding enjoy!
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Curvelicious Joselyn Dumas Shares New Photos


African attires rock baby! And yes Kim K  might have the curves but without much up in the skull, apart from being a generous ‘keziah’ to most US male celebs…lol, but Joselyn is well rounded in all ramifications.

Don’t ask me why I mentioned Kim K…cos the answer is I really don’t know.

See more photos below:
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Uti Nwachukwu Looking Lush In This Ankara Outfit

UTI Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachukwu has been one of the very outstanding Nigerian males that appears flawless in many outfits.

This will be the first time, I am officially  recognising and celebrating him on Egosentrik Blog. Uti rocked this outfit to Paul Okoye’s wedding and it was made by ‘Yomi Casuals’. I must say it looked absolutely breathtaking and I love it!!!

Yeah…time to show the world, the beauty of African Fashion!!!

Let me also make it clear that anyone who calls himself/herself a fashion designer, but  criticise our African fabrics because of it’s affordability, is as good as the Bleaching cream low lifers….
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EGO’S Question Of The Day- Bleaching Cream!


Egosentrik…Proud To Be African/Igbo!!!

What shall it benefit an African girl, when you bleach your whole skin and loose your identity? As in people who knew when you were dark, walk pass you on the street and cannot recognise you? #StopBleaching #StopPromotingBleaching #BleachedSkinSmellsLikeRottenMango #AnswerMeMissBleachedSkinAreYouNotNoticingThatYouLookSick? 

May God forgive your epic level of INFERIORITY COMPLEX!!!!

PSQUARE: Ini Edo At Paul Okoye’s Traditional Wedding

ini edo at the wedding

She is looking ravishing if you ask me? But I am not in a better position to judge typical African attires…lol, cos I am too biased when it comes to that and my heart melts when I see Nigerian celebrities rock them.

So for those Celebs on my trash book, try and make me happy by rocking your African attire and we will be lovers *WINKS*

Mockery Images/Abuse Flood The Internet After Kim K and Kanye Appeared On Prestigious VOGUE

KIM K MOCKVogue Magazine received the worst lash out for giving Kanye and his Mrs Kim Kardashian the previledge to appear on the US prestigious Magazine ‘Vogue’…which a lot of people believe should be reserved for icons, talented individuals and class acts. A lot of people believe Kim K is talentless and bedded top celebrities for the Cameras to be popular and therefore cannot be recognised in Hollywood. Below are some of the twitter anger vented on Kim by Vogue subscribers:


The muppets, Miss Piggy and Kermit posted their mock-up on Facebook: Miss Piggy said: ‘Kermie and Moi are honored to be featured on the cover of ‘Vague’ as the #UniversesMostTalkedAboutCouple!! (Are you surprised, though?)’. So literally, they renamed VOGUE to VAGUE…Hahahaha.

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Liz Black Shares “Secret To Happiness” Advice and New Photo

liz 2

Liz John Black is the wife of a popular Nigerian Celebrity photographer Yomi Black. Liz is not just Yomi’s wife but the  C.E.O. at BRIDELY and M.D. at Black Studios. She looks damn HAWT in this little black dress….can you go wrong with a little black dress? :)

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UK X-Factor Winner Sam Bailey Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

Sam-Bailey www.egosentrik.com

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey used to a prison officer from Leicestershire UK.  On 24 February 2014, Sam supported Beyoncé on one of the dates of her UK leg of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Sam is expecting her third child with husband Craig Pearson and they already have two children Tommy and Brooke.

Massive congrats to them xx.