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What a man can do…a woman can?you can complete it….only in Naija…..lolz…not funny tho. I know we shall eradicate poverty in our society someday, but until priorities are placed right and the money launderers start having humane conscience and remember that the poor Nigerians should have a piece of that National cake.

Please Don’t Break My Heart- Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish!

Heartbreak in a relationship/marriage is like a dreaded disease seeping through the pores of a healthy skin. For some people, it has opened a door to new life, new love, a whole new meaning to being with a partner.
While for some it has destroyed their ambitions, desire to love again, suicide, hatred for opposite sex, single parents etc. The feeling of heart break is indescribable, it feels like death, it hurts uncontrollably, it disorganizes and disorientates people’s lives.
So why should we still break people’s heart? Love is everlasting, if you can’t remain in it, don’t PUSH IT. If you’ve ever been heart broken before, please like and share.

Written by egosentrik

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“The Bee Is Small Among Flying Creatures

Yet What It Produces Is The Best Of Sweet Things.

Don’t Despise Your Days Of Little Beginnings

For Tomorrow Is Pregnant And No One Knows The Sex Of It’s Baby.

Patience They say Is A Virtue and Wisdom I will Say

Is The Key To Unending Success, Be Wise!!!