Sex Toys Might Ruin My Marriage, I Need Advice Please



man and woman not happy

Hello Ego

I recently read about the secret pornographer in your blog and thought I share my marriage concern with you (if you missed it, read HERE).

Unlike the pornographer the sex life between me and my wife was not that great. We have been married for just 7 years, when  our sex life started to deteriorate  so badly,  the pornographer’s story makes our sex life appear non-existent.

Would you believe that at one time we were down to once or twice a week, to be honest we sometimes go through a week with no sex at all.  When we first got married there was all the excitement of sex, we use to even have sex couple of times a day, it was fun it was exciting on the table top, in the kitchen, in the shower etc but those are now gradually return.

So it all started after our 3rd child, first there was too much pain associated with sex then there was excessive exhaustion after the normal days work and child care, in fact the interest just died. We are then just living together as siblings if I may put it that way.
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Gun Pointing At Queen’s Palace: Queen’s Guard Points Gun At ‘intruder’


The man who is being pointed a riffle at, is said to be a self-confessed illegal immigrant who wanted a “private audience” with the Queen (illegal immigrant???) #FIDDLESTICK

The front page of The Sun on Sunday shows the guard pointing his bayonet-fixed rifle towards the man’s face while he stood next to the police officer.

The soldier left his post to intervene when a member of the public refused to stop shouting at a police officer stationed outside Buckingham Palace gates on Friday.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were made aware of a disturbance at the North-Centre Gate of Buckingham Palace at approximately 5.50pm on Friday, April 4.
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Zamfara Massacre: 200 Reported Dead; 18 APC Supporters, 7 Others Also killed


The Zamfara massacre came after around 25 people, including politicians who were on their way to Maiduguri, the Borno State capital to attend the All Progressives Congress, APC, stakeholders meeting/congress were slaughtered by suspected Boko Haram terrorists in separate attacks in Gwoza council area and along the Maiduguri‑ Biu road.

A Nigerian soldier has also alleged that some military commanders were mercenaries of the Boko Haram sect and were paid by its sponsors. Military spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade, however denied the allegation.

Meanwhile, death toll in weekend’s massacre in Unguwar Galadima community in Zamfara State, yesterday, hit 200.
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African Migrants Perched On Fence For Hours After Bid To Enter Spain Failed

African Migrants to Spain

African Migrants to Spain

Morocan and Spanish police foiled a fresh attempt on Thursday by at least 100 African migrants to scale border fences and enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla.  It was reported that, at least 25 migrants, many with bloody bare feet, clung to the tops of fences for nearly 7 hours.

After hours of standoff, authorities coaxed most of the immigrants down from the fence, gave them water and turned them over to Moroccan police.

Oh dear!! African leaders should be blamed for their lack of empathy towards their citizens and corruption. If they atleast use some of the funds they steal and launder abroad to pay as benefits to their citizens, this type of shameful images won’t appear to the world. The other time I watched a video of so many Nigerians who died in Sahara desert in a bid to elope for greener pastures abroad. They sure didn’t know the intensity of the sun in the Sahara and how far they would go. Unfortunately, they were roasted by the heat of the sun and their bodies littered everywhere.

So many people are not aware of the dangers trying to illegally enter a country and they just end up dying. Meanwhile, see more pictures of the African Migrants below and the video of migrants who died after 14 days journey in the Sahara desert.
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UK Olympic Medalist Tom Daley Says He Is Now Totally Gay and No Longer Bi-Sexual

Right: Tom-Daley-and-Dustin-Lance-Black-

Right: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black-

Tom who is dating 39-year-old Oscar-winning screenwriter and gay rights activist Dustin Lance Black  says their relationship is  “all good”.

Tom Daley talked about the courage to come out as gay:  “I did not know what the reaction was going to be. I did it on YouTube because people were constantly digging and asking questions.

“Two days later after I posted the video I was on my way to Houston to a training camp and this old lady comes up to me in a wheelchair, and wheels over and says, ‘I would like to say thank you’.
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A Man Rose From The Dead and Slapped The Pastor At His Funeral In Ohafia

dead man rose

They claim this is a true life story and many people are actually confirming that it happened and their close relatives in the village where it took place have attested it happened. This is quite scary and funny at thesame time, I can’t keep all to myself so I decided to share it here…lolz.


A man of 104 years gathered his children and adviced them never to put him into mortuary if he dies.He also warned that he should not be buried by any church. let his cultural group ‘EKPE’ do all the burial ceremony.

The children ignored the man’s instruction; they deposited him to mortuary when he finally died, on the burial day, sat. 29th March 2014 at Asaga Ohafia in Ohafia L.G.A, after lying the man in state, the children and their church members brought the casket outside for the preaching.

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Zara Gretti’s Funeral Rites Released By Her Family


Margaret-Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiroghene Joseph, popularly known as Zara Gretti. Known for her soothing lyrics, Zara lit up the Nigerian Music Scene a few years back before she wasdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Born in Lagos, to Eugene Kolawole Joseph and Abimbola Akindele, on July 30, 1985, Zara passed away on Friday 28 March, 2014 after a two-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Zara will be buried at Ikoyi Cemetery on Friday 4th April after a Funeral Mass at 10am at Holy Cross Cathedral, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos.

Anne-Marie Palmer-Ikuku (Mrs.)
For the Clarus Babajide Joseph Family

Fresh Boko Haram Attacks: 15 civilians killed in Borno ‘suicide attack’


According to a report from Vanguard, Boko Harm terrorist group yesterday killed 15 civilians in Maiduguri in a fresh suicide attack. The suicide bombers were said to have attacked  in two Gulf cars at about 1pm rammed into the military patrol vehicles at their checkpoints in Mole village which exploded leaving many villagers in the area scampering for safety: Just when we thought things are getting better?


Boko Haram terrorists yesterday launched a suicide attack in Mole  area of Maiduguri, Borno State capital, killing 15 civilians and destroying eight vehicles in the process. Defence spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade, who confirmed the attack said 17 other were injured and that one of the victims was a member of a civilian vigilante group.

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REVEALED: The Official Final Conversation On board Missing Flight MH370


Below is a Full transcript of the conversation on board the flight, with exact times:

MAS 370 (Kuala Lumpur to Beijing)

Departure from KLIA: 8 March 2014

12:25:53 MAS 370 Delivery MAS 370 Good Morning

12:26:02 ATC MAS 370 Standby and Malaysia Six is cleared to Frankfurt via AGOSA Alpha Departure six thousand feet squawk two one zero six

12:26:19 ATC … MAS 370 request level

12:26:21 MAS 370 MAS 370 we are ready requesting flight level three five zero to Beijing
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REVEALED:Top Ten UK Towns Popular For Extra-Maritals Affairs

deal with it

Maidenhead was on top of the cheating ladder with 1,326 affairs, while Bournemouth in Dorset,  with a high proportion of elderly residents, emerged as the most faithful.

Below is list of the top ten UK towns for affairs:hmnnnn…quite interesting!
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