Another Civil War In Nigeria Soon?


It is only a fool that cannot see the signs of civil war brewing in Nigeria in the name of political rivalry and tribalism. I had a conversation with one of the victims of the last civil war in Nigeria which left millions of Igbos and other tribes who supported them dead.

I told the lady about my plans of relocating to Nigeria early next year and she laughed saying my daughter, that will be one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make so far. “Maybe you should wait till after 2015″…I wondered why she sounded that way. When I questioned her her reasons and she told me that what we see in Nigeria today was what played out when the previous civil war broke out.

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Nollywood Actor Mr. Romanus Uchenna Amuta Alias “Natty” Is Not Dead

Natty 6

What shall it benefit all ye rumour mongers that pronounce people dead when they’re still alive? Even the thought that people actually wish these ill people dead is good enough to kill them.

There is only one “Natty” in Nigeria who featured in the popular Nigerian 80’s comedy ‘New Masquerade’ . AGN President Ibinabo Fiberesima and some of the AGN members paid him a visit and we all know what IB is capable of doing. God will continue to use her in touching the lives of these people who Entertain/entertained Nigerians via the movie industry.

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Sick Nollywood Screen Writer Chike Bryan Gets N10m Grant from GEJ Via Ibinabo Fiberesima


Chike Bryan is the National President Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria. He has been ill and needed a transplant. With the help of the President Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Chike now has hope of living again.

I wish him a successful transplant and quick recovery and also wish that the Federal Government via Governors will set up Foundation to assist people who require transplants but can’t afford the cost. It should also be monitored to avoid misuse of funds,.

Thanks to Ibinabo for doing a great job and God bless the President!!!

Below is a before and after picture of Chike Bryan…..his looks has drastically changed….
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Actor Joseph Benjamin And Other Celebs Set To Join Ibinabo Fiberesima For Celebrity Reading Session

Actor Joseph BENJAMIN


My name is Joseph Benjamin, an actor and presenter of the soar-away music talent show, MTN Project Fame. Nothing beats being famous and appreciated for one’s job. I know. However, I didn’t just wake up one day and say I want to be one of African cinema’s leading faces.

I worked hard and diligently pursued my dreams.Apart from God’s special grace on me, I met a lot of stars and achievers that I used to admire and adulate who told me that I could do it, that I could be anything I set my sights on. Dear friend, those encouraging words spurred me to reach for the stratosphere. I am not where I envisioned that I’d be professionally (Hello, Hollywood is still there to conquer), but I am not where I used to be a few years back. That is why I don’t shy away from imparting my success nuggets on those who look up to me.
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Yoruba Groups Insist On Regional Autonomy!!!!!!


OMG! This is the thought that I woke up to this morning after an intense conversation with my Parents. This below article, though a Yoruba thing, speaks my mind about what Nigerians should be demanding for!!!!

Every Nigerian should demand below request now from GOODLUCK JONATHAN:

“a regional government, with its own constitution and unfettered political and fiscal autonomy; a negotiated legislative exclusive, concurrent and residual list; a unicameral legislature at the centre, and a parliamentary form of government at the centre.”

Read full report from PUNCH BELOW

Some Yoruba socio-cultural groups on Monday laid out a fresh demand for regional autonomy.

They said the people of the South-West would accept nothing short of fiscal federalism, resource control and parliamentary government from the National Conference.