Tell Me Between Omoyele Sowore and Jonathan Who Looks Clueless and Tactless

Omoyele Sowore

The founder of Sahara reporters Omoyele Sowore and his team have tagged the number one man in Nigeria as tactless, clueless and corrupt.

This is as a result of him trying to clear the allegation that APC politicians bought a house worth $5 million dollars for him. The guy started pointing fingers at Jonathan as the culprit who made up the story to deter his image.

In my little world, I am just wondering if this dude is actually correct that he has no business with APC, yet he ran a fake internet poll which saw the president loose %75 to General Buhari of APC?(I Laugh In Igbo Accent). I also heard that he is an adopted son of Bola Tinubu who has several criminal records covered up in USA (the kinda leaders we have in Nigeria).

It is only in Nigeria that people have the guts to rub shoulders with a president, just because he is a gentleman? We all know what happened to the Activists during the time of Goodluck Jonathan’s predecessors!!! Some of them never came out from kirikiri. Some assassinated in broad day light!!! How many assassination stories have we heard since Jonathan became president? Ndi ara ara bara anya!!!

He is just too soft for you lot, and by far he is and remains the best Democratic President Nigeria has had so far. I only knew the theoretical definition of Democracy from my Government class in secondary school, and after many years, I witnessed it in my country and huge thanks to Jonathan for FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

I hate Nigerian politics with PASSION!!! I hate APC and PDP syndrome in Nigeria. These two political parties “are like dreaded disease seeping through the pores of a healthy body and ravaging it beyond repair”.
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EGO: Business and Pleasure At Lancaster London


Egosentrik at Lancaster London

As a Life Coach and Blogger, the words Business and pleasure go hand in hand for me ***winks***. My private clients come from different ages and backgrounds and I must say that I discovered myself fully as a Life Coach and can’t be thankful enough to God. Since launching my career I’ve had the opportunity of working with mostly women and quite a few men(Men keep things to themselves and that poses problems in their lives). One of my biggest breakthrough doing my job, was with a popular celebrity who introduced me to my beautiful Russian client, whom I met today at Lancaster London. My aim is to work with lots of women and girls(including teenagers) who are stuck in life, confused about their relationships or marriages, facing stress at work, school or whatever difficulties life throws at them. I want to help women attain their potentials and be selfmade both financially and other aspects of their lives. We need strong women in this world and when I say strong, I mean women who control wealth and power!!! If this sounds like you or group of friends then get in touch through my contact details Email: (men are also welcome to contact me).

Some of you maybe wondering what the duties of a Life Coach/Mentor are, but don’t worry I’ll tell you: “A life coach is responsible for guiding people that are confused on what to do into their lives. We support goal-setting, personal growth, and behaviour modification of our clients. As professionals, we help people to achieve their goals by improving different actions necessary to take control of their future plans/ambitions.” As a Life Coach, I have a mentor myself, and our relationship spanned from paid to unpaid and full blown mentor, whom I can speak to about just anything and she gives me the best techniques to deal with the issues at hand.
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NIGERIA: Vincent Enyeama Nominated For African Footballer Of The Year 2014

Vincent Enyeama Nominated BBC African Footballer of the year 2014

I am glad he finally got this opportunity!!! Certainly nobody deserves it more than him at the moment. Vincent Enyeama is a talented goal keeper and shows his dribbling skills when opportunities call for it. I am glad he has been nominated. With the population of  Nigeria amounting to millions and for Nigerians being internet and telecommunication savvy, I urge us to vote for this guy who has always made us proud.

He deserves to be made proud….Vote Vincent Enyeama as the AFRICAN FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR 2014.


Title holder Yaya Toure has been nominated for the sixth consecutive year, along with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Yacine Brahimi, Vincent Enyeama and Gervinho.

The winner will be decided by fans of African football, who have until 18:00 GMT on Monday, 24 November to vote for their choice.

You can vote online here.

Or to vote for BBC African Footballer of the Year 2014 by SMS, text the number of the player you wish to vote for to +447786202008.

  • Text 1 for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Text 2 for Yacine Brahimi
  • Text 3 for Vincent Enyeama
  • Text 4 for Gervinho
  • Text 5 for Yaya Toure

Please readers text 3 to +447786202008  for Vincent to win…thank you!

PHOTOS: Dash Of Bright Colours To Bring Out Your Feminism By Ego Umez



So ladies, we are so used to not being bothered about our colour combo. I noticed these days, I would just step out in all black attires and sometimes colours that are neutral to both men and women. I often tell myself that stepping out in these so called matured colours, will definitely bring out my matured look, however, sometimes when I visit shops to buy alcohol, the shop keepers often ask for my ID to make sure I am of drinking age….*shaking my head***…. at this my age? nawa ooo

MORE PHOTOS BELOW…..I have decided to combine certain girlie soft colours in my outfit and hopefully it will convince you to ditch those your depressing dull clothings…hehe. HAPPY VIEWING PEEPS…..
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First White African Acting President Since The Apartheid

Guy Scott Zambian President

Zambia’s vice-president Guy Scott, a white Zambian of Scottish descent, has become the acting president of the Zambia on Wednesday, making him the first white leader of a sub-Saharan African nation since F.W. de Klerk, the apartheid-era head of South Africa who was voted out of power in 1994.

His appointment will last for possible 90 days until formal elections are held, followed the death of President Michael Sata in a London hospital after a long illness. Ex Zambian president Michael Sata died aged 77 after a prolonged illness.