egosentrik At The Popular Tourist Site Trafalgar Square London


Hey guys..don’t get tired of me yet cos you haven’t seen anything…I’ll so shove my face down your throat whether you like it or not…hahahaha. Ok seriously, I enjoyed myself a lot in London over the weekend and just felt you should share those happy moments with me at Trafalgar Square!…..see another pic after the cut: Continue reading

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Wande Coal’s Performance At The ‘Switch’

I know you guys be like Ego you write so much about Wande Coal on egosentrik Blog. But hey, Wande made me like that MOHITS song ‘BOOTYCALL’…Lolz. Plus one thing you and Wande didn’t know is that he used to come around my neighbourhood in Mende, Maryland Lagos back in the day when I used to live in Lag(literally)…Once a Mende Girl Always A Mende Girl…Hahahaha. But don’t ask me what Wande used to come and do in my neighbourhood for now, I’ll reveal later….#FIDDLESTICK

HAWTY: Does Jen Selter Have The Nicest Bum In The World?


I asked this question, because I don’t believe in skinny, bonny weight loss crap. I believe in curvy, flat tummy and healthy looking body. Egosentrik might be a slim chic but she’s definitely not a skinny bonny ass babe *TONGUE OUT*.

Do you want Jen’s and egosentrik’s kinda bum?Hahahaha…. If yes watch below video on how to tone up your skinny or big bum: Continue reading

egosentrik: Davido’s Twitter Page Almost Got Me Blind

davidoo vs ego

As I hunted for my daily HOT and SPICY gists by spying on those celebrities that hit me with interesting amebo stories. I somehow stumbled upon Davido’s twitter page @iam_Davido… Oh My God! This guy had tiny little pictures of him everywhere. Dunno if he left them there to blind monitoring spirits (Bloggers)…Lmao.


Trust me I ain’t going anywhere near this guy’s page again until he decides to make it welcoming and remove all them cheeky lil photos of him.  In other news, he pleads for 1million twitter followers as he already got over 600k..#FIDDLESTICK