Mysterious snakes, bees attack Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest


boko haram in Sambisa forest

According to Vanguard, some members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, arrested yesterday at Mairi ward behind University of Maiduguri by members of the Civilian JTF vigilante group, have confessed that most of them are fleeing the Sambisa Forest to areas across Borno State owing to what they believe is spiritual attacks from mysterious snakes and bees, which had killed many of their leaders.

According to Kolo Mustapha, one of the arrested insurgents, “most of us are fleeing because there are too many snakes and bees now in the forest. Once they bite, they disappear and the victims do not last for 24 hours.

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Why I Am Not Going To Cry- Chibok Girls 

chibok girls
Nigeria is the centre of Nollywood the 3rd biggest movie industry in the entertainment world and there’s a drama going on ‘live’ as I write, it’s called, “the chibok girls”. It is the sad but deeply touching true life story of some innocent girls kidnapped at their school by… Who else but, Boko Haram. Oh! Sorry, you must have heard about it. I just wasted your time.
The girls were kidnapped two weeks ago but the drama started this week and trust this center that has given the world such epic movies like ossuofiasian, Mr. Ibu in london and the last flight to Abuja.

The dramatist personnel were not lacking. The people who kept quiet when Chimamanda’s ‘half a yellow sun’ that told the story of how genocide was committed against millions was banned decided to jump to the streets and cry for the release of the kidnapped angels. But, that’s not why i am not going to cry. But, it’s really saddening that all these street cry and drama over the Chibok girls didn’t start until some western organizations picked interest and NGO ‘s and people who desperately needed to update their CV’s and enhance their funding opportunities started jumping out.
But, that’s not why I am not going to cry.

I am not going to cry because my heart is so much hardened and I have lost feelings of sympathy. The truth is that I tried as I could, I just couldn’t shed even an atom of tears. My eyes are completely dried of tears and I have shed more than enough for a ten life time in this single life just for the simple fact of where I come from and my religion.
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NIGERIA: Troops Ambush Terrorists On Yobe Mission, Kill 8


Troops operating in the North-East have ambushed a group of terrorists on a mission to penetrate and attack Goniri Community in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe.

This is contained in a statement  issued on Monday in Abuja by Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade, Director of Defence Information and Coordinator, Joint Information Centre Counter Terrorism Campaign. Continue reading

VIDEO: Moment Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Wife Bursts Into Prayers


According to Channels news, after he was sentenced to death by hanging at an Ikeja High Court, sitting in Lagos State. Mr Akolade Arowolo burst into tears and began to pray. Mr Arowolo had denied the allegation, insisting that the deceased wife mistakenly killed herself with the knife she wanted to stab him with when they were having a quarrel.

Although, autopsy report clearly showed 76 stab wounds on his deceased wife. Watch The Moment Akolade Arowolo Bursted Into Tears below:

Quote Of The Day About Nigerian Politicians….LMAO

egosentrik Blog

egosentrik herself

Below statement made me laugh so much that I decided that it won’t be for me alone. There is love in sharing isn’t it? Oya join me read this one:

“It is very simple, Tinubu, can sit with Atiku or IBB or OBJ because Nigerian Politicians are United in CORRUPTION, and Nigerian masses are United in POVERTY and FOOTBALL. If members of National assembly want to embezzle money, they will be united in the ACT, irrespective of their ETHNIC GROUP, but when they loose election or feel they are becoming irrelevant politically, they will tell you that North, or East, or West is MARGINALIZING the other section. Or that the PRESIDENT is doing Badly. Remove emotion from it, the problem of NIGERIA is not the North nor the South but CORRUPTION and WICKEDNESS of the Ruling class”….

egosentrik says: #GBAM #GBAMMER #GBAMEST……LMAO

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I Do Not Show Off My Wealth, Plus Got N130m Endorsements Deals In 2013

Latest Iyanya mbuk

Iyanya in an interview explains that he doesn’t show off his wealth in the social media, instead it’s way of him saying thank you to God. #IyanyaIhearYou.  Anyway, flaunt it if you’ve got it but don’t over do it that’s my opinion. I just disliked the way you (Ufan Iyanya Mbuk) sat in the trunk of your Range Rover Sport I wanted for Christmas…lol. *Jealousy mode activated and rolls my sexy eyes*

Meanwhile, read the interesting interview:

Kukere crooner, Iyanya, chats with Jayne Augoye about fame and the need for artistes to invest wisely.

Rave of the moment, Iyanya Mbuk, considers 2013 his best year ever. Besides sealing mouthwatering endorsement deals with MTN, Zinox Computers and Solo Phones, his appearance fees have also tripled. Continue reading

Mariah Carey Accused Of Performing For Fraudulent Money Men In Nigeria

Mariah Carey vs Radar Online

Mariah Carey Back stage in Nigeria

I have been notified of this horrible post on Radar online, as they called Nigeria a “World’s Center Of Bank Fraud & Human Trafficking”. Radar Online explosion on Mariah Carey came as a result of her performance during Access Bank end of year party and ex-MD’s farewell bash. Mariah posted a backstage picture of herself on twitter and that stirred up the insult. Continue reading

OBJ Letter To GEJ: A Renowned Nigerian Lawyer Victor Aguku Response To ObasanJo

vik vs obj

You may have read the senseless and spiteful LETTER written by the ex President Obasanjo to the incumbent President of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. You can read the letter HERE , quite lengthy I must say.

Eventhough, he pointed out certain issues which might be true, but on the overall he is the wrong person to talk about  leadership in Nigeria. Remove the PLANK in your eyes before you remove the SAND in another person’s eyes dear OBJ.  Meanwhile, the presidency said Mr Obasanjo’s attack was “reckless, baseless, unjustifiable and indecorous”.

Read the lawyer’s response to OBJ:

This letter is the peak of Obasanjo’s insult on the sensibilities of all right thinking Nigerians. I blame Nigerians all including myself because in a saner society people like Obasanjo would not have had any foothold on positions of authority talkmore of the highest position of power in the country. Peradventure people like him found their ways into government, in a normal society people like Obasanjo would have been in a jail house to rot for life as the least punishment Continue reading