A Female Cleaner Stole a Train and Crashed into a Building

A cleaner stole  an empty commuter train  in Stockholm, Sweden and crashed into a building. News had it that 5 people were sleeping inside the apartment when this happened, luckily non was hurt. But the female “James Bond” train driver sustained serious injuries and was air lifted to the Hospital.

Oh yeah what a man can do a woman can make it worse…lol. What on earth was she thinking?  She must have been fantasizing over having a joy ride one day. She must be very courageous to have driven out of that train depot where she works as a cleaner or if she was up to 40 yrs old I would’ve said maybe she’s having her midlife crisis. But for heaven’s sake she’s only around 20 years old!!!

Just spare us 55 seconds of your time and watch this video of the train moving so fast and crashing into the building….

In your face *tongue out*, just wanted you to feel thesame way I felt after watching the video….Lmao