Snow Love – relationships blossoms with snow

The UK has been hit with very severe snow fall in the last week and has led to numerous disruptions, cancelled flights closed businesses / schools etc. However out of this calamity we have found out that more and more family relationships have been strengthened perhaps then it is true that every cloud has a silver lining. Speaking with Carla (Carla is a lovely 6 year old who just happens to be very happy to spend time with her dad). The other day Carla said she had not played with her dad in a long time, in her own words “he is too busy for me”. She grinned and continued by saying, thank God for the snow, it has prevented him from going to his 7 days a week shop which meant  he had to stay at home with me for the first time in a long time and in fact he even took me snowboarding…smiles 


I have also heard couples saying they have been forced to stay at home together with their partners without having to run out shopping or going to work. One couple mentioned that they’ve not felt this close in a long time as they had to stay in the same room to minimize heating cost (saving tips there)and cuddle more than usual. The couple continued by saying even though they have weekends together, there are always things to get done in prep for the next week, its either shopping, servicing the cars, doing the laundry, there is always something to do with the weekends, but a day when the snow shuts you in, you have no excuse *giggles*.

I will put on my prediction hat here  and predict “more new born babies in October then” *WINKS*

Just look out of  your window there are only few people out and about, even the few out on  the streets are all walking hand in hand, you might argue that it is just for support from falling, but believe me it all adds up to a better relationship.

I am aware that it has not all been good news, there have been a few tragedies  reported as a result of the snow, our hearts reach out to the affected families.

As always please take care when you go out  if you have to, remember the words of Balottelli in his tweet “there seems to be a rehearsal for dancing on ice on the streets of UK” and with dancing on ice comes falling on ice 🙂


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