Jennifer Lopez……goes with no underwear?

Even at 43-years  old the fantastic Jennifer Lopez  with over 10 years in the show/ entertainment industry still has one of the most fantastic figures, but in recent picture of her photographed during the movie premier of the Parker, which was released yesterday the 25th of January. J-Lo was spotted to be wearing a tight long dress which seemed as though she didn’t wear any form of underwear. But in this age an time, the strap of her pant could be invisible,  except if my eyes are deceiving me, all I can see is Jennifer Lopez dressed in a gown that showed her skin indicating she is not wearing anything under.

This is the 3rd Hollywood celebrity wearing a provocative dress in a row, first Nicole Scherzinger, Second Rihana and now J-Lo. Make sure you don’t dress like them in my honest opinion!!!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

In the movie Jennifer stars alongside the brilliant Jason Statham who plays a professional thief who is double crossed by a gang during a job. Beautiful acting J-Lo keep taking care of the backside *Winks*

Meanwhile her lover toy-boy Casper was seen perching in corners while J-Lo worked the stage with some wicked diva poses   extremely eye catching back side in her Kaufman Franco gown.

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    Nyc dress if am allowed to judge…

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