Millicent Mugadi Of BBA Wins An Election In Kenya

Millicent Mugadi  is a Kenyan actress and a former Big Brother Amplified housemate. She has won the first stage(primaries) of her ambition to become a council boss of her people in the on going Kenya elections.

In an interview with newsmen after her victory she said “I won my party elections as the Councilor where I wrestled politically with the incumbent councilor. I will be battling out with other political parties come March 4th this year.”

Millicent Mugadi

Millicent Mugadi

Oh dear, I better go into acting so that I can fulfill this my desire of being the Nigerian female president, just that I won’t be able to wear see through dresses to win votes….Lmao

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  1. Mr Kredible says:

    It appears to me that there are more and more African celebrities / entertainers joining politics. Right or wrong I cant really say…?

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