Watch Video: Man’s Inhumanity To Man- South African Police Killed A Man Like An Animal

A 27- year- old Mozambian cab driver, known by the locals  as Mido Macia, was handcuffed to the back of a police van before being ruthlessly dragged away  over the rough coal tar road in top speed. The whole incident happened in bright daylight and in full view of by-standers who video the whole incident.  The cabbie was now been report dead, he was said to have died in his cell.

Apparently this whole saga was just over parking offences hmmn…… My heart bleeds for our continent, why are we so wicked to ourselves. This is just man’s inhumanity to man, another sad case of police brutality

See video caught by bystanders posted on you tube below, Viewers discretion is advised due to the violent nature of the video.

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Birthday Message To My Big Brother!


Ikem Victor Umez

You’re the kind of brother every other girl or boy in this world would want. Looking back in life, I realize that there were so many times when you saved me from a fall and I didn’t even realize it, instead I felt you were over protective. Today being your birthday there are millions of things I want to say
but through words, I don’t know how much I can write.

What binds us together is more than just the umbilical cord of our parents, but the fact that you seem to understand me more than anyone else, and always there at my beck and call whenever am around you. I know sometimes you’re tempted to tell me off when I disturb you too much, but “NO” you always go out of your way to be there for me.

I’m just lucky to have you as my big brother! No matter how big I am today, I am still your little sister *smiles* You might not be a popular celebrity in the eyes of the world, but in my eyes, all my siblings are STARS and I cherish them all. This is just my exciting way of Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Plus ladies he might or might not be single am not too sure..just contact me and I’ll pass your message… *winks*

Be Inspired: egosentrik’s Quote of The Day

“Sometimes It Is Very Difficult To Stay Encouraged

When You Are Not Seeing The Results Of Your Hard Work.

Just Keep Your Eyes On The Goal, It Makes

Things A Lot Easier and Achievable.”

                                                             By egosentrik

Kerry Katona’s Nipples Jumps Out On Stage- wardrobe Malfuction

Kerry Katona had her nipple jump out on stage while performing in a re-union concert with her group Atomic Cats oh sorry Atomic Kittens, that’s right….LOL

Kerry's nipple peeping at the audience....LOL

Kerry’s nipple peeping at the audience….LOL

I guess female musicians should be careful with this kinda mishap on stage, cos if you’re gonna sing, dance and jump about, then make sure you have an agreement with your natural assets not to peep at you or the audience during a performance. If they refuse, just make you use the tightest bra and wear something that will cover their eyes from peeping through #justsaying

Photos of Atomic kittens and Kerry:

Video: Prince Harry Of England Dancing To African Lesotho Traditional With Some Children

Prince Harry’s dance moves are very funny to me, the way he was struggling so hard to catch up with the dance steps from the kids is epic! Watch this video and have a laugh….LOL.

But then on a serious note, I commend his efforts cos I am not sure an African Prince in all his glory will associate with what they classify as ordinary people, yet we claim equal rights *mtschewww*

Kefee Obareki’s New Look

I couldn’t just resist posting her latest look, cos I am a secret huge fan of hers and a lover of short hair styles….hehe.

Kefee on dread

Kefee on her new dread and nice geeky glasses

Kefee had done a dread for a change and I think I love it. There is something so cool about the hair, her smile, the geeky glasses, the black and white theme compliments her looks. Meanwhile you can watch her latest video below titled “Beautiful”.

According to Kefee “If people can talk about my private life,I sure can sing about it…hehehehe. Have u seen this video?wat u fink?”

18 year old Beauty queen in amatuer porn video scandal resigns

The 18 year old  Miss Delaware beauty queen Melissa King,  has been reported to have relinquished her crown, as a result of allegations that she was a star  in an online porn video. The teen queen was just crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in November 2012.

Pageant spokesperson Dara Busch of Rubenstein Public Relations  has confirmed to  NBC10 that King handed in her letter of resignation in the wake of the sex video scandal. although Busch maintains the teen beauty queen hasn’t confirmed she is the woman in the video.

When  Delaware Online contacted Melissa to confirm if that was really her in the sex tape  she  completely denied it “Absolutely not,” she responded “It is not.”

Her lawyer, Greg Hannigan, told that a “statement will be issued,”.

In the video a woman, alleged to have been King, described her favorite sex positions, when she lost her virginity, her previous relationship and also explained why she did the movie “I thought it’d be fun, and it sounded like I needed the money, so I just did it,”.

In response to questions about Miss Teen pageants, the lady admitted that she has done beauty pageants before.

Runner up in last years competition  Hailey Lawler has now been given the title as the new Miss Delaware hopefully with less controversy.

This is one of those stories you hear and are not sure what to think, surely if a beauty queen should act in a porn movie she would expect people to recognize her, or is it just a mis-understanding? But what about the tweets that she apparently  re-tweeted from supports which says if a good person does bad, that does not make them bad…. Honestly  I do not know what to say or think so help me here what are your thoughts?