London Ankara Festival: FEMI BENTV’S LEGACY

Ankara in itself is a fabric of luscious designs, very colorful and appealing to the eyes, made of cotton. This fabric can be worn for any occasion as far as it’s tailored to suit the occasion. The  Ankara style is fast gaining acceptance and popularity around the world, London CNN also discovered that Selfridges London now stock up fashion brands from Nigeria and even our very own  Beyonce was pictured flaunting her unique figure in a sexy Ankara attire.



The popularity of this fantastic and uniquely designed attire did not come easy, several promoters and designers have worked hard in the past to make it desirable and fashionable via different platforms.

The Ankara Festival is one of such platforms and was first introduced in Nigeria back in 2006 by the illustrious  creative and articulated TV personality  Femi Amusan popularly known as Femi BEN TV (Head of Entertainment at BEN TV UK) .


Award winning Femi BEN TV

The Ankara festival legacy was very successful in Nigeria and in 2008 Femi introduced the concept to London and  till date it  has only  grown bigger and better.

The sole aim is to promote the best in Nigerian and African culture through fashion, music and dance. There will be Runway models, displaying the latest creations from popular African designers, DJ’s, Live performance artists etc.

This years Ankara  festival promises to be the biggest and best ever, and will be a beautiful mixture of African and Western themes bringing forth spectacular creations. So all egosentrik readers across the world no matter your race or culture *Blue, black white, red or purple*…LOL….you are all  most welcome to this years’ Ankara festival which will take place sometime this summer, so watch this space for details. On a more serious note, I’d like to meet you guys lets all have fun in London.  The event will be covered by BEN TV 2HBTV numerous paparazi and egosentrik’s blog most celebrated Nigerian-British artist Kasaskie will be there as well, so get your Ankara grove on and dress to impress.

If you are thinking of being a part of the show either as a designer to showcase your designs, or a performing artist/ model, or better still as a spectator just drop us an email and we will take it from there.

egosentrik celebrates Femi BEN TV for all his contributions towards promoting African culture as well as supporting upcoming African UK based artists. Thumbs up!!!

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