Oral Sex “Murder Plot”: Wife Planned To Kill Her Husband

Oral Sex

A Brazilian woman has been dragged to court by her husband of trying to kill him by hiding poisonous substance in a her private parts and tried to seduce him to have oral sex with her.

According to reports from South American country, the man in question was willing and ready to perform the oral sex but was driven away by the horrible smell of the toxic substance.

He then took his wife to a nearby hospital to find out why  she had the strange smell in her privates, only for him to find out he had just miraculously escaped death, as the hospital tests revealed there were traces of poisonous substances on his wife’s private part. Evil world I hear you say.

I am absolutely as shocked as shocked as you are!!!! whatever drove her to this evil act, would’ve directed her towards divorce instead staining her hands with blood!!!

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