JONATHAN Ross has described how moved he’s been by his trip to Africa (Ghana)for Comic Relief.

TV chat show host Jonathan Ross  is currently in Ghana and he spoke to Phillip Schofield  and  Holly Willoughby live on This Morning. He has been involved with Comic Relief since it first started about 25 years  ago.  He has gone to the West African country with Davina McCall to see how the £600million  that  has been raised over the years have been spent.
“I am live down near the coast  here in Ghana at a mother and child centre,” he  said.

“We are basically seeing where some of the money that’s been raised over the  last 25 years of Red Nose Day is being spent. The children are being brought  here for developmental check-ups and also they are going to be given a  vaccination against the rotavirus – which is a form of diarrhoea that the  children can get and it’s a big cause of death for the under-fives here so  it’s very important.

“They’ll be a million vaccinations given out across Africa thanks to Comic  Relief, so it’s a million potential lives we’re saving,” he added.

On his trip, Jonathan admitted: “It’s incredible and been such a lovely  experience for me. We went yesterday to a slum nearby and it was a really  exciting and vibrant place, it wasn’t what I expected… there was such a  strong sense of community.

“But the problems there are – because of the overcrowding and it’s on a  polluted river – the sanitation is  terrible, the hygiene is terrible. So  it’s a pretty desperate place in some  ways.

“We also visited a school right in the center that had been set up with Comic  Relief money way back and initially they had 12 children, they’ve built some  new rooms and they now have 250 children go there every day.

“They give them a meal and teach them everything. And the children were so  happy and so keen to be there and so keen to learn and that’s one of the  things I’ll be taking away from this trip – the African people we’re helping  here really want to get on with their lives. They want to get to the stage  where they don’t want help or need help anymore.”

There are many truly suffering around the world please do your part to raise funds and awareness!!!!