Shocking Story: A mother has Been Criticized After Taking Her 4 Month Old Baby To A Rave

Sarah-Jane Hulme, has be tagged “irresponsible” for taking son by name Django to a boozy very loud music concert in Aberystwyth, North Wales.

This woman thinks there was noting wrong with her actions, after all it’s her 3rd time of taking that baby to an alcohol fueling music festival like that.

In her words “My daughter Kerry was performing with her band in her home town for the first time and I wanted to be there. What’s wrong with that?”

Baby in a rave

Baby in a rave… Mum says the baby’s ears are protected so ?

Her excuse was that her son still breastfeeds and she wouldn’t leave him with anyone else. Are you kidding me woman? Whatever happens to expressing of milk and leaving it for a family/friend to feed the baby in a feeding bottle when needed. To me it’s an act of irresponsibility.

Many unfortunate things have happened in gigs like this and resulted to stampede. What will be your excuse if you make it alive and your baby couldn’t? You won’t forgive yourself , would you?. I can understand this lady went there to support her older daughter in this very incident, what about the previous 2 occasions she claimed?. I bet she needs psychological evaluation, if she thinks her actions were right.

We understand that the whole pregnancy thingy and post natal depression can push people crazy and desperate for a bit of fun but this mom went too far!!!