Careful with an Akpu (fufu) diet you cannot be like this at 57

So what then is the secret to a fabulous body like this at 57 , plastic surgeries, botox or proper diet and regular exercise? A combination of all… no point racking my head about it. Anyways at 57 she sure has an amazing body, I am not sure about you though….*winks*

Gillian Taylforth

looking good at 57…

Gillian Taylforth

Gillian Taylforth poses for closer

Read the amazing story of Gullian: according to the report she has never had a surgery it is just good diet and exercise, so see why I say be careful with “AKPU” (AKPU is a local Nigerian food high in carbohydrates). So if you are not Nigerian but have high carbohydrate food in your country, just help yourself and cut down your intake…lol.

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    Hmmmmm interesting

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    So what do we eat to replace Akpu ooo

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