Kellie’s Underwear And Sheer Tights Blown Open By Wind *Gush*

LOL… funny moment when mother nature stresses the need to guard yourself properly  as a gust of wind exposes a little too much of kellie’s underwear and sheer tights. Hmnnnn….too many Wardrobe malfunctions for celebrities recently. My question is are some of these slightly orchestrated? it does create a bit of publicity you know *wink* or is it just coincidence they are all happening around this time ?  We might never know will we? 🙂

But surely our beloved ex-Eastender star Kellie  did not plan this one… you can tell by how dazed she looked when she noticed the  embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Thumps  up to her though, she quickly keeps a bold face and  carried on like nothing happened. The red carpet incident took place during the premiere of  “Run For Your Wife”

Kellie later in the night

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