Parrot Steals $1,100 New Zealand Dollars equivalent To £589 From A Scottish Tourist

Can you beat that? No no no do you understand that? Can you imagine a parrot stealing that much from your wallet?…lol.

Peter Leach a Scottish man and a British  Navy veteran could not understand how a naughty parrot nicked $1,100 New Zealand Dollars off his wallet. The touris parked his vehicle at a spot while driving round the countryside to take nice pictures.

During the time he was taking pictures, the parrot (Kea) took his wallet off the dashboard opened it and made away with $1,100 New Zealand Dollars, leaving only $30 for the poor fella. He was then alerted by nearby tourists who told him the brid had taken something out of his car…Mr Peter Leach told ‘The Daily Record’…

He then reported the case to police and according to him, the police officer was very serious with the first few questions and then said to him, ‘Do you mind if I just stop to laugh?’ I suppose I can’t blame him.”

In New Zealand that specie of parrots(Kea)  are popularly known for opening car trunks, windows and back packs, then get away with stolen items…Lmao. They’ve been nicknamed:  “the clown of the mountains.”

Wow…guys be careful when you visit New Zealand on holiday, if you’re not careful you’ll be robbed by this professional “unarmed robber”….LOL