How Tall Are You? World’s Tallest Man And Women

Oh yeah…I am taller than all of them *winks*

World's Tallest woman

World’s Tallest woman

World's Tallest

Would you date or marry someone this tall?

Yeah the King of all tall people, lets put our hands together for the world’s tallest maaannn!!! Yay…lol….Seriously he is an inspirational speaker and took his height issues with positive attitude, unlike the world’s tallest woman who sometimes feels depressed about the tumor that made her this tall:

World's tallest man

World’s tallest man

6 comments on “How Tall Are You? World’s Tallest Man And Women

  1. wonder boi jr says:

    At a time,na computer dem de use tak deceive person,computer graphics,bt dis wan seems to b true n dats where its amazing,its nt easy to b tall jare.big up to all d tall pep.wonderboi say so. lol

    • egosentrik says:

      @Wonder boi jnr…this one is no computer graphics.They’re world tittle holders and were shown on TV to the world during their measurements. Atleast I watched it…lol.

  2. rebecca2000 says:

    It has to be tough being that tall.

    • egosentrik says:

      Oh yeah Becky…hope you don’t mind me calling you When I watched the documentary for the lady,all I felt was pity for her, although she has the world tittle, she was sick all the time and almost living in the hospital. She at one point refused to eat for days cos she was hoping to die. But the world’s tallest man flew over to her and encouraged her to be positive about it, despite the challenges. Long reply isn’t it?…lol. I hope her surgery to remove the tumour went well. Poor lady, awww xx

      • rebecca2000 says:

        Sure you can. Most people call me Becca, but honestly I am not picky. As for the health problems, I understand how it would be like that. It has to suck because the world isn’t made for her to live in.

      • egosentrik says:

        well then I’ll call u Becca…lol. Yeah you’re right, the challenges of the world would make her think that way, but if they give proper medical attention like her male counterpart, maybe she’ll feel a lot better and the growth will stop. If not she’ll die battling with the wicked tumor.

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