A Security Man Killed An Armed Robber With The Robber’s gun

According to the manager of a Fuel station in Cross River State Nigeria, some robbers raided their Fuel station armed with guns and machetes.  The robbers successfully made away with all the money they made that day but returned in search of their missing gun.

The story gets more interesting, the manager continued with the story of how the robbers first met with their security guard Joseph Ogbor:

“When they got here our security man confronted them and they got angry and descended on him. He had fractures on his right leg and skull.”

The robbers after beating the security guard felt he was dead so they left him on the floor and carried on with their operations. Unfortunately for the robbers they forgot one of their guns, a pump action riffle.

Mr Sunny said:

“After they left, the watchman regained consciousness and saw the gun on the floor. He crawled and picked it up.

“Half an hour later, the hoodlums came back for their gun apparently after they had discovered that it was missing. As they approached the place where the security man was lying with his broken limb, the man fired  and killed one of them.

“As the others made to escape,he shot again and got another on the leg but he managed to scale through the fence and escaped along with the others.

“We called in the police and handed over the gun to them.”

Wow…what a sad incident, but a very brave Security Guard.

Adapted: PUNCH 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What??? did this happen

  2. Cindy says:

    The guard is really brave

  3. I am Omolola says:

    Oloshi, ole, oju kokoro, e don be for una, well done security

  4. Aunty IFY says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I haff die

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my freaking God is this for real?

  7. mato says:

    The man come die wake up again…na God say dem go catch the wicked robbers.

  8. Obinna says:

    James Bond!

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