Wierdo: 54 Injections and 36 More To Go For Bum Enlargement

23 year old Karmello, is from Detroit, Michigan, US, admitted that she has had 54 injections into her buttocks over the last three years, which have have filled her buttocks with huge two litres of liquid taking her from size 4 to size 10. However, she explained that she needs further 36 injections more to get her dream perfect figure.


The most shocking part of this story is that she meets up with an unlicensed woman doctor in different hotel rooms to pour the unconfirmed chemicals into her body, which might be very harmful.

Karmello has received a wake up call after her visit to a real professional Doctor Anthony Youn who confirmed to her that she has a dangerously “sponge-like fat” which has formed on her cherished bum and any further attempt to have more of this dangerous injections could kill her.

Butt enlargement

Butt enlargement

Karmello  a mother of 1 has confirmed that she will desist from the dangerous chemicals for good. She has warned desperadoes like her to desist from such acts as they’ll be putting their lives at risk.

Wow….weird things people do for a perfect figure!!! Would you resort to such desperate measures in a bid to have your dream figure?

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