Nicki Minaj’s flashes famous ass to fans on twitter

The Famous Nicki Minaj’s Superb Ass was on display on twitter as a valentine gift to her fans just before she came to her senses and deleted the photos, she then tweeted to her fans to send in pictures of themselves holding a placard with her name on it for a bid to win 1000 dollars

Oh dear, I hope you are not still waiting for more ass pics?… I really do not know what to say… The struggle for cheap popularity continues I guess….lol…or whaddya think?

5 comments on “Nicki Minaj’s flashes famous ass to fans on twitter

  1. Steven says:

    Cheap popularity yes…. but that is some tight ass 🙂

  2. Jazzy says:

    LIke you said cheap publicity!! Utter bollocks

    • egosentrik says:

      sometimes, I try to understand the motives behind the new craze of nudity by celebrities, but I just can’t get anything in my head other than cheap publicity stunts and that’s what the media and fans seem to like nowadays.

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