Nigerian Concerts/Shows Are Absolute Rip Offs -says Egosentrik

An  Average Nigerian Can’t Afford Tickets To See Their Favorite Celebrities Perform:

Here are some of the examples of my out cry:

1. AY Show: Join AY Live this Easter Sunday the 31st of March 2013 at Eko Hotel and Suites for another spectacular comedy event titled ‘The Old and New Testaments’.

Gate Fee: Regular Tickets N5,000 ($31.75 or £); VIP Tickets N20,000($127.02); Tables are N500,000($3,175.50) and N1m ($6,351.00)

 Can you freaking beat that? Tickets from #5000 to 1million naira?


Tickets: N5,000.00 and N25,000.00

Tables: N500k and N1million

3. IYANYA Vs DESIRE Album Launch Concert

Tickets: N5k Regular and N25k VIP

Tables: N500k and N1million

4. Kim Kardashian was reportedly paid a whooping sum of $500,000 -N75m all for saying ‘Hey Naija’ on stage of which attendees paid tickets cost N100,000, or $640.. Now can you beat that? Am not surprised people are asked to pay this much, especially the fact the Kim Kardashian was there!!! Who will pay $100 to watch Kim K present in America? even the  fabulous  Beyonce’s  current show in the UK is just between £61 – £94

Imagine the hype of this event and how an average Nigerian who could’ve gone to experience such remarkable event, couldn’t do that because they can’t afford it!

The shows I’ve just listed are just grain of rice in the middle of the ocean, as there are hundreds of such shows, which I couldn’t be bothered listing.

I think part of the cause of these rip offs is the pressure that is heaped on the host Artist, as he or she would pay millions of naira to co-artists who should’ve been there to support their co-stars and vice versa and not  make money the motivational factor. Yes they should get paid but not ripping off interested fans to put money in the pockets of some greedy comedians, actors, actresses and musicians.

Nigerian Kings of Comedy

Nigerian Kings Of Comedy Concert Uk

The funniest thing is when they host similar shows here in the UK and US, they charge affordable prices for instance:

Below is the same Nigerian Kings Of comedy hosted in the UK but with affordable prices:

London Show
Date: Sunday 12th Febuary 2012
Time: 6 PM
Venue: Indigo2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, UK
Ticket Price:

  • Regular tickets- £25- (6,250 naira)| £30-(7,500) | £35 (8,750 naira)(Ticket does not include after party fee)
  • Downstairs –   £50 | £60 ( Free entry to after party)
  • Kingsrow VIP – £75 (18,750 naira) ( Free entry to after party) Source:

Look at the above prices, the standard tickets starts from roughly 6,250 while the VIP is roughly 18,750 naira. So where is the 25,000 and 1 million naira for tables? Ridiculous isn’t it?

Now take a look at 2013 Beyonce’s “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, the  ticket prices are affordable with the standard standing price starting from roughly £61 to seating for roughly £94 which is about 15,250 naira and VIP 23,500 naira. Tell me did you see £4,000 (1million naira) anywhere on her price list?

See prices below:

Standing From

23 Feb 2013


Seated From

23 Feb 2013

£61.50 – 94.50 Source:



Because our country Nigeria is so lawless and full of corruption, rich people oppressing the poor, while some comedians and musicians quickly forget their roots that they were once average Nigerians. Not ever considering where they started from, they rip off their fans that can afford their bills, and for a poor fan perhaps might never get a glimpse of the voice they hear over the radio or watch on TV in real life. I hear you say, she’s beefing and probably can’t afford the bill, my answer to that will be, “you have your mouth and can say whatever you like”. I have to speak out on behalf of vulnerable Nigerians and poor fans who would wish to see their favorite celebrities perform in real life scenarios, but can’t cos of ticket prices.

I don’t mind paying 25,000 to watch these great talents and support their careers. However, if you have 500,000 to 1 million naira to waste for some few hours show, have you thought of children dying of hunger? Have you thought of students that can’t afford school fees? What of a poor street beggar with no shelter? That you are privileged does not mean you should be wasteful. And as for you concert hosts/organizers  in Nigeria, stop the rip offs!!! I call it greed. We shall all die one day and this money we all pursue with our lives will be left behind.

Some Nigerians have become so comfortable with inhumanity and cash manhandling, that’s why people don’t push or speak out on important issues like this.

It is only in Nigeria that a poor or average church member contribute money for the building of their church schools and their children cannot attend the school because of high schools fees. Instead people who are not their church members and well to do, send their children to these schools built with a poor man’s sweat *which God do you serve*???

Why should you be a fan of 2face, Psquare, Ay comedian, Basket Mouth, Seyi Law, Bovi and a host of others without ever having the opportunity in your life to attend their shows? Because they are too expensive isn’t it?

The politics of our nation is the way it is today because people don’t put enough pressure to stop the fraudulent acts and money laundering. Thank God for social networking sites and the invention of the internet ……Nigerians this is 2013, not 1820…..use this powerful tool to be heard.  I am not going to solicit for this message to be shared and heard, if you catch my drift then circulate it round till it gets to the hands of the right individulas who should look into it and also your favorite musicians, comedians, actors and actresses.


10 comments on “Nigerian Concerts/Shows Are Absolute Rip Offs -says Egosentrik

  1. iroh2k says:

    Thanks ma sis,you’ve said it all.This painful issue has been bordering me for ages n I never knew someone was paying attention.I’ll help n publicize it.Ndewo.

  2. Mr Kredible says:

    Reblogged this on 9jalondonstyle and commented:
    They just know how to behave anyhow in that Nigeria walahi…

  3. Kelvin says:

    EFCC should start checking all those people that are spending 1 million a night, because I do not think people with sincere hardworking jobs will throw money away like that…….!!!!!

  4. Mercelina says:

    Dear egosentrik, every tin Ɣ☺ΰ said was rit. If Ɣ☺ΰ look at it very well, most of these pep attending those shows are even d once †ђA̶̲̥̅† can’t pay there children sch fees, sum of d ladies †ђA̶̲̥̅† attend these shows were sponsored by their men, or people’s hubby. D funniest tin is †ђA̶̲̥̅† most of dis pep still leave in a rented apartment n can not even pay there house rent, D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ jst attend 4 d name n fun of it. “I was at AY show” bla bla. M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ sis if I want 2 watch their shows n make M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ slf happy, I will buy d cd plate its sold 4 100naria. Sit at home watch it n laugh out M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ ribs, M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ sis laugh na laugh oooo. Lol.

  5. Celestine says:

    They know those that they direct their promos towards. Our entertainers and Celebrities know there are people affiliated with govt one way or the other, who had stolen our money and would not mind to spend it on anything. These are their target audience so that they too might enjoy part of the loot. They also want to be billionaires. New and upcoming entertainers are at least available for others . All the same, it is still same disease , CORRUPTION

  6. Steven says:

    True talk… No be their fault, Naija government is not doing enough; there should be a watch dog to control these kind of events and maximum prices should be set. All these things add up to crime and corruption as people are ever so desperate to belong…. God help Nigeria

  7. okpas says:

    No be lie, greed everywher

  8. Ada says:

    Very well said. If only they could see this. I wish everyone is like me. Even if they made the shows free they won’t see me there then they wud be tempted to come and perform in my house… Arrant nonsense!!

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