Goldie Susan Harvey Buried Today Monday 25.02.2013

Warning: late Goldie’s photograph has been attached as she was laid to rest, so it is at viewers discretion, you’ve been warned.

Goldie Susan Harvey has finally been laid to rest and her husband Andrew Harvey was present at the burial, meaning he was granted visa after all. The late Hip-Hop star and former Big Brother Africa star was buried today Mon 25 Feb 2013 at Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens, Lagos.

Among celebrities who attended her burial were close colleagues and friends , Denrele Edun, Kenny Ogungbe, Weird Mc,  Essence and Kenny st Brown. They poured out written tributes to the late Goldie and described her as determined and loving.

Goldie Laid to rest

Goldie Laid to rest

Andrew her husband wrote: “Susan you walked into my life. It was like God sent you as a fresh breath. I still remember your response to my first love message. You said, ‘Love killed Romeo, sent Diana to an early grave and killed jack on the Titanic, forget about love, just have friendship and live long.’
“Over time our love grew to a depth I have never known. You were the best years of my life, your smile, your desire to live your dream.”

Goldie died on Valentine’s day February 14, 2013 of cerebellar haemorrhage and hypertensive heart disease.

Source PUNCH

Goldie died the same day Oscar Pistorious killed his girlfriend with gun shots Feb 14th 2013. What a day to die, May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Someone asked on the thread where this news was published on PUNCH, why she had all that make up on, with ear rings and other stuffs, whether the people that made her up thinks she’s going for a party?

Here is the comment below:

banky • an hour ago

“weave -on, lipstick, earrings and eyes lashes… why u people are so fool, do u think she is going to party? c’mon she doesn’t need all dis material from u, all she needs is prayer instead give the money to help people rather than this. may almighty allah the greatest forgive her for all her shortcomings. sleep well dear.”

I know you might be wondering what was my point of publishing it? Yeah, my point was the fact that of all the comments, that particular one made me pause a while and I thought actually when we leave this earth, where are we heading to? It is a question you need to think about and restructure your life, no one knows when death will come knocking on the door of our hearts.



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  1. Goldie could be gone but her legacy has remained behind. Gone too soon!!!

  2. pinket says:

    How on earth can people do something like this? To lay someone’s soul with material stuff even if she wasn’t a christian but this is wrong, even devil-worshipers don’t do something like this. Its shameful, its disrespecting God and its giving us a negative impact about the musician, I think it is true that these people there are devil worshipers that why she is wearing all this scary outfits,,,, there is no soul who will rest in peace here she is going straight to hell that where devil worshipers and illuminate belong….

  3. Anonymous says:

    RIP Goldie, man is nothing but clay in d hand of our maker

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