Woman In Germany attempts to suffocate her boyfriend with her boobs

This lady gives a whole new meaning to the world “Killer Boobs” as she is allerged to have literally attempted to suffocate her boyfriend with her size 38DD breast, What is up with women attempting to kill their partners via sex? Some time ago another woman was reported to have attempted to kill her husband by placing poisonous substance in her privates and urging for orals.

33 year old franziska’s boyfriend even claims she admitted to the crime, telling him, ‘Treasure, I wanted your death to be as pleasurable as possible’
My confusion now though is how can a 13 stone man claim a 9 stone girl friend actually tried to smoother him on her boobs…. Wonders are not about to end are they?

Anyways ladies next time you try to be adventurous please ask your boyfriends to sign a disclaimer before they claim you attempted murder by kissing em….LOL

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