Denrele Edun’s Family Home Attacked By Armed Robbers

Just after the popular TV presenter finished burying his late friend Goldie Harvey, he went home to spend sometime with his family at their Family home in Yaba Lagos. Little did he know that robbers were gonna strike.

Early this morning, he sent out series of tweets alerting about the robbery attack and urged someone to ring the police. I thought he was joking about it cos, even in the midst of the robbery attack he was still as humorous as ever. I would not normally do any work on egosentrik’s blog during the day on Sundays as it’s family time. However this incident drew my attention and I partly blame some Nigerian celebrities and bloggers for exposing these celebrities and their families to robbers and kidnappers. You can read an article I wrote about this not long ago HERE

Someone thought he was joking like I did and tweeted:


He mentioned his sister hid his ipad underneath the bed which was how he was able to reach out to people on twitter as their phones were confiscated by the robbers.

He also said they tried strangling his grandma and attempted shooting him in the eye, but they didn’t.

When asked by a friend whether they didn’t realize he was a celebrity? here was his reply:

We at egosentrik sympathize with Denrele and family and pray they don’t witness such again. Then again, that shows my concern about the exposure of what celebrities acquired for themselves and families.

Maybe bloggers should learn from this and stop the madness of exposing these celebrities to these heartless, ruthless and evil armed robbers, until Nigeria becomes secured and safe again then we can even line up our cars and expensive items at the exhibition centers for the world to see.

Meanwhile, how could any man born of a woman attempt strangling an 86 yr old woman? what’s her crime?:

There’s is need to tackle security issues in Nigeria so that Nigerians will feel safe in their environment while the ones living abroad won’t be afraid of visiting home because of robbers and kidnappers.

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