Man, Wife and Her Boyfriend Happily Living Together

Wonders are apparently never going to end, I have just  read the most bizarre relationship  story ever, I know people will say as an African I must have seen a similiar situation i.e a man with 2 wives/ women. But that is exactly the point, I have never seen or heard of any man that is willing to share his wife with another man, worst of all in the same house…hmmn

33 year old Maria Butzki Liaison officer and mother of two lovely girls Laura 16 and Amy 12 is reported to be living together with both men in their home in Barking London.

Ok let me attempt to summarize  how the madness all started! This is no fiction, it’s all over the news…hehehehe..

Maria starts a secret relationship with work colleague Peter in 2006, when her marriage to Paul was in trouble. Paul had lost his job and things became a bit shaky and sex quickly suffered. She kept the relationship secret till 2010 then decides to spill the beans and move out with lover Peter. Then she realizes that she misses Paul and the kids as well. So when Peter’s rent ran out,  she decided to move back in with Paul ** stay with me I know the names are beginning to confuse you,I’ll try my best not to mix it up*

But then again, she could not cope without seeing Peter so she proposed that Paul should move in with them,  meanwhile Peter and Paul had already become friends and they accepted.

Maria explains “People might think it’s weird but I love both men and couldn’t choose between them,” she continues by saying “When I left Paul there was a huge hole in my life,  but the thought of never seeing Peter again was heart-breaking, so living with both men is the only way.”

Paul thinks Peter is a GREAT GUY????? And they both have lots in common : “We both adore fishing, and he’s like a surrogate dad to the kids.” Only thing you missed there Paul is that both of you are sharing a woman as well cocoa nut heads!*mshteew*

How will children raised in such a dysfunctional home and weird Love triangle grow up to see love and relationship? They might get it all twisted!!

Then guess what Peter had to say “We all get on so well. It doesn’t feel as if I’m ­sharing Maria. There’s no ­jealousy …it feels as if we are a team.” Shouting and in Jeremy Kyle’s British accent “ARE YOU BOTH IMPOTENT OF SOME KIND ?

And the super babe now crowns it all in style “The three of us never share a bed. Although I have sexual relationship with each man, that side is kept very private. If Paul is out, then Peter and I might make love, and vice-versa. But both men turn a blind eye and we never discuss it with one another.” OMG… Really ???

Surely if this was in Africa I would jump to the conclusion that there is some form of black magic involved but what can I say,  they all claim to be happy. So Paul keep smiling while your wife commits adultery with Peter.

Outright rubbish if you ask me, what happens to all the pretty ladies out there? Guys better grow some balls and move on and do not let those innocent girls grow up thinking this kind of life is normal!!!!

Good Nigerian Movie tittle and story line this is “Man, Wife and Her Boyfriend”….Right I need a Nollywood movie producer…lets go there….lol

20 comments on “Man, Wife and Her Boyfriend Happily Living Together

  1. Danjuma says:

    egosentrik go and pray for the family they need ur help…lol

  2. sexymamasita says:

    I am sure they all have sex together*mstcheeww*

  3. Anonymous says:

    na for banana republic dis kind thing fit happen for Lagos…LWKMD

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    i don die somebody wake me up plz

  6. Anonymous says:

    Foolish pepo, unfortunate cocoa butter cream

  7. otegalicious says:

    Yes ooo na naija movie title, Love triangle Wife,Boyfriend and Husband

  8. Obakunle_Oshodi says:

    End time saga

  9. Anonymous says:

    very soon that her boyfriend will start sleeping with those her two dotas and say it is love, that is when the woman and the man eyes will open…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. Anonymous says:

    see how they’re all smiling like people that are doing advert for Macleans…lol.

  11. crazybombay says:

    God punish satan for me. The oyibo woman do go ijebu ode go meet babalawo, dem dey there they talk nonsense.

    • Anonymous says:

      My ribs don crack finish…meet baba for ijebu ode ke? wonders shall neva end as egosentrik talk am

  12. Ephraim says:

    Lord have mercy, I don die hehehehe

  13. madchikito says:

    Threesome threesome, I sure say all of dem dey do that kind thing for bed…hahahaahaha

  14. Mary says:


  15. Kas says:

    Let’s leave the girl out of this for a moment but you see the men are just stupid!
    You sure say no be white juju be this

  16. Vivadedee says:


  17. Nikky Mccrae says:

    Coca nut heads u said Looool .. u mite hear the two guys with all they have in common will soon start there own love nest ..

  18. mercelina says:

    Gosh! not even a man n 2 wives, buh a woman n 2 hubbys. Oyibo pep will not kill us ooo. Every gud n bad tins kums 4rm dem. Try dis in niger nahhh make Ɣ☺ΰ c were hubby pep D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ kill Ɣ☺ΰ 4 day time if ur hubby don chop kudnomi! lol

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