Tunde Demuren Not In A Love Relationship With TV Presenter Toolz

So I received an email alongside other bloggers from someone who pleaded to be anonymous. The sender wanted to clarify that Tunde isn’t in a love relationship with Toolz but rather with Neefemi. The sender also sent individual pictures of Neefemi, which to me is not substantial enough to debunk such rumor.
I am not saying the sender is a liar but my 2 questions are:
1. Why didn’t I get the picture of Tunde and the claimed real girlfriend together to solidify the truth?
2. Why is it a 3rd party debunking the rumor?  Why not either Tunde or Neefemi cos if wrong impressions are given to the public the woman or man involved should step up and clear the air for the sake of their relationship I would expect!
“But hey wetin concern agbero with overload?
Below is the email:
My name is **, I just wanted to send you guys this email to rebuff this supposed relationship you claim is going on between Tolu Oniru aka Toolz and Tunde Demuren. Tunde has a girlfriend in the United States that he has been seriously dating for the past three years. Her name is Neefemi, she also goes by the name Buki. Neefemi is a Doctoral student and they’ve been planning on getting married once she’s done with her degree next year. His family and friends (including the ones in the industry) know and call her iyawo. She will really hate me when she finds out i sent this to you guys but i just think the truth should be out there for the sake of their relationship. I attached a picture of Neefemi with this email. They are happy and you guys needs to stop carrying this Toolz rumor and tell the truth abeg.
Please don’t screen shot this email to your blog, just write a rebuttal article to kill the rumor. Abeg, i don’t want to be famous, that is to say, i don’t want my name out there. Biko, ejo, (whatever the hausa version of “Please” is).
Peace, Love and Dodo”
Well what can I say? We will be watching as the truth unfolds….although there’s no smoke without fire and how come do I hear Brandy’s song “The boy is mine” echoing in my head….LOL.
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