Rihanna Launches New Clothing line…. Lesson Readers Be Enterprising

The Barjan beauty has launched a clothing line with Riverside, I am not sure about the clothes though not my style.. I am more into matured classy dresses *winks* But they actually look alrite and have been receiving pretty good comments.

For me though the most important of this news is the fact that the lady is teaching y’all  about being diversified and more importantly focussing on having more than 1 income stream. So guys that is the lesson for you, it does not have to be corky dress line or something very capital intensive, it could just be any simple business. While I am a self  acclaimed  business development guru, this is not the place or the time.

Anyways a few pictures here of the event do you see anything you like and can use?

You can visit Rihanna’s clothing line website here


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