Man With Late Singer Damino Damoche’s Phone Has Been Arrested

Damino Damoche

Damino Damoche

It has been reported that the Lagos State Police command arrested and kept in custody a man who was found with Damoche’s phone. Damoche was murdered by supposed cult members on February 28 2013 in front of Lagos State University’s school gate.

Report also stated that a security guard from the school brought Damoche’s phone forward to the police station Ojo Division, claiming a student had returned it and could not identify this student. He was arrested and has been detained for more questioning.

Having watched so many detective series, I could do with a little bit of analysis here….lol. In my opinion, I think what might have happened here is a security guard who was at the scene where the singer was shot dead, happened to reach his phone probably an expensive one for that matter, trust some people to loot when there’s chaos.

So either his conscience started bugging him or he is tormented with series of nightmares with that phone in his house, he decided to make up a story to say a student handed in the phone. He may or may not have been part of the killers who were said to have shot Damoche from a motorcycle and ran off afterwards.

I pity that security guard, dem go brush am for that station till truth comot for him mouth. But I sincerely do hope he gets a fair trial, because human rights is still a big issue in that country of ours.

I pray for justice to prevail, let the killers of the young talented musician be tracked and face the law. No one has the right to take a life, because no one can give life.

Anyways….RIP Damino Damoche!!!