Nollywood Presidential Dinner Best and Worst Dressed/Appearance by egosentrik

Well I talk when others have finished singing….LOL….So I came across these pictures few days ago, from the controversial presidential dinner with selected Nollywood stars as they celebrate the industry at 20. The president of Nigeria has been criticized for pumping in 3 billion naira into Nollywood. Some people see this gesture as a misplaced priority, as security and poverty needs to be tackled first.

So back to the bone of contention, some amateur pictures were released with some of the celebrities looking their worst ….  See pictures and captions below; to view those displaying stretch marks or unkempt hair , others  were made up like masquerades while some looked like they were suffering from Polio or something…Lmao. But some still looked pretty despite the horrible work of the photographer!!!!! “Una for manage do dress code, the whole arrangement is too all over the place, with colour riots here and there”. Click on each picture to reveal what is wrong or right about them…….

4 comments on “Nollywood Presidential Dinner Best and Worst Dressed/Appearance by egosentrik

  1. Anonymous says:

    GBAM… You have said it all

  2. Anonymous says:

    Egosentrik you no go kill person with laugh oh

  3. Aijay Izugbokwe says:

    Lol dis real colour blockin(face,lips n dress style), skinny blockin, hair blocking & posin blockin. Lmao 9ja na copycats but e dey vex me wen dey overdo diers mst esp celebs n non celebs. Am proud 2 b an african woman wit meat on my body n not bone as if am sufferin 4rm malnutrion, Genny, wat d heck r u lukin like? Lord av merc

  4. jamila says:

    Don’t think that pink dress’s too pinky. RMD looks just fine to me and dakore too. Different strokes for different folks sha

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