3 comments on “Video:Female Black Preacher Who Preaches With Her funbags Out Part 3 –

  1. Henry says:

    She is possessed. The bible says our body is the temple of the Holy ghost! No sane believer will expose her tits this wa, which shows that she is a fake from the kingdom of satan to lure men to her devilish church and ruin their lives. All her words are not even inspiring yet she claimed she received revelations from God. Demon.

  2. jamila says:

    This is nonsense now. So we should not judge her cos her rude boobs r there staring at us in the face? This is sexual harrassment. Plus the nipples are showing fa, what sort of disgusting sight is this? This is a daughter of jezebel sent from the pit of hell. This is a waste of the precious 3mins of my life waytching this. Mschewww….. Anumanu!

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