KENYA: Oh Boy Where Is Mohits Records When You Need Them? Hippy Calls

Vera Sidika aka Vee S Beiby

Vera Sidika aka Vee S Beiby

Vera Sidika, aka Vee S Beiby is a Kenyan plus size model and dancer. Her bootilicious appearance in one music video “YOU GUY” P-UNIT ft. Collo rumour had it, contributed to why the video was banned. Her Hawtt pics have been put together in a gallery for your viewing pleasures. Warning: Perverts keep off, 18+ only….Lmao

First of all before you see her pics Lemme do a remix of Mohits “Bootycall”…hehe in D’banj’s voice:

He loves Vee S Beiby over loaaad, e dey make them catch cold

Just starring at her pi iii iii ctureee….Lmao

Oh dear, African women are naturally endowed no Nicki Minaj’s fake bum *ouch* it hurts….Lmao

Vee S Beiby Gallery: Click to reveal the pics

Just incase you might like to watch the banned video to spot this chic’s something, here you go: