Why Pick On Genny? See Pictures Of Other Actresses Who Wore Provocative Dresses At #AMVCA

Since after the #AMVCA night, the social media is being fueled by lots of argument over whether or not the actress’s dress was too revealing? That left me thinking, were these Holy Nigerians sleeping when she wore a plunged dress back in 2010? Or have you guys suddenly slumped back to 1840’s #justasking. The worst of it all is the evil comments fellow women make about her boobs. I pity all of you that will one day become mothers and realise that your youthful boobs won’t be there forever. Atleast she is proud of her natural well sized assets. This is how stupid criticisms drive celebrities into plastic surgeries for Breast implants. Below is a picture of Genny’s plunge 2010 (click to)

Genevieve Nnaji in a flowing lovely dress!

Genevieve Nnaji in a flowing lovely dress!

Can someone tell me if below ladies covered up more than Genny? Why pick on her and call her names? Aside from being an actress, she is also human and humans have FEELINGS be careful for the evil things you say about her…remember the Law of Karma? What goes around comes back around people: You can click to expand each picture;

I am so loving the attention Genny is getting..ha! It proves she has made a controversial fashion statement and what will haters do to her career home and abroad? It makes her even more popular and gives her a wider opportunity in her acting career, all I wish someday is to spot her  as 007(James Bond Girl) or see her star in a movie along side Agelina Jolie.

Meanwhile if I’m in her shoes I’ll wear another provocative dress to another red carpet event, to another one, to another and another untillllll…………all you haters get tired of talking and passing holier than thou judgement. The only day you guys will be justified to address her in your malicious statements is when she comes out in a see through dress that shows her privates. But until then *shush*