Sinkhole Swallows Up Truck In China

Sink Hole In China

Sink Hole In China

A massive 30ft deep and 20ft wide hole opened up underneath a truck driver man who was passing through Kunming, Yunnan province at the time. Thank God the man involved escaped before his truck got swallowed up.

According to the man:

‘There was a rumbling sound and the ground started to rock. At first I thought it was an earthquake,’

‘Then there was a loud crack and I started to fall backwards as my truck was dragged into the hole.

‘It was terrifying. I had no idea how deep it was or how far I’d fall,’ he added.

Hmmnnn…..sink holes are becoming common these days and I pray non of us will fall victim. You can read the story of the man who was swallowed up by sink hole in his bed room in America. Click on the link below: