A 39 Yr Old Tourist Gang Raped And Her Husband Battered With Sticks In India

A couple were mercilessly attacked in a village where they camped near Datia India on Friday night.

The raped woman and her husband had been cycling from Orchha to Seonda and had decided to camp in that village over the night(click to)

The hoodlums got hold of the couple  beat them with wooden sticks before holding the man down and gang-raping his 39-year-old wife, as explained by her husband.

These horrible and miserable men stole everything the couple had and ran away. Police in the central state of Madhya Pradesh said, the Swiss woman is recovering in hospital.

Below is the picture of the raped Swiss woman being led away by the police.


Rape is evil..only cowards rape women! Only cowards beat women!

I hope the police arrests all of the culprits that raped this married woman….bunch of cowards!!!!

India has been rocked by violent sex attacks in recent months. A 23-year-old was raped and tortured in December and a 29-year-old was seized from a bus and gang raped as well. Horrible!!!