Black face Not Invited For Super Star 2face Idibia’s Luxury Wedding In Dubai?

2face and Annie

Recently, it was reported that 2Face and Annie Macaulay will be having a quiet but lavishing wedding in Dubai which estimated to worth over 50milion Naira. The list of his grooms men were released but unfortunattely his long term mate Black Face wasn’t spotted on the list…the list includes top notch celebrities, they are

D’banj,Faze, Sound Sultan,Tony Tetuila, Dotun Omoteye, Hyacinth Idibia and Larry Gaga his Best Man whom is said to be his childhood friend.

Blackface and Faze were were a member of a boy band Plantashun Boiz back in the day alongside 2Face, but Faze was picked as apart of the grooms men and Blackface wasn’t…this is their Plantashun Boy album cover way back:

From left: Faze, 2Face and Black face

From left: Faze, 2Face and Black face

Below are pictures of 2Face and Black face…put on your laughing hat as you view these pictures again for those of you that have seen it before….and if you haven’t..join me and laugh out loud..hahahaha

Not sure why this guy isn’t gonna be at an event like this, I thought they’ve sorted their misunderstandings that brewed up between them years back…story for another day…hehe.

Meanwhile I heard that one Linda Ikeji who is a blogger likes posting fake figures on her blog, and blowing things out of proportion, to promote hate or for cheap popularity as has been recently accused by Basketmouth the comedian, alongside some other Nigerian celebrities and other individuals she has written about. The moment she writes things about people, majority of her readers will become bitter and aggressive towards this person, which will result to the celebrity or person in question blasting her and then she’ll go back to apologise making the person look stupid and seem to have overreacted. I guess people have never tougth about the fact that she makes them victims and then turn around to be the pitied victim by the public after her apologies (busted).

The said chic posted that Annie Macaulay’s dress was worth £7000 nearly 1.7 million naira and was designed by a Nigerian UK  based designer Yemi Osunkoya. The designer took to twitter and accused her of feeding people with false reports and trying to dent his brand’s image.


I truly don’t understand the need for all these lies about how much anybody spent on things especially big figures? It’s good to be controversial as a blogger but wouldn’t it be better to get your facts right? or make it clear you are speculating, instead of having a bad reputation for promoting hate? is it really worth it.

A blogger should moderate what people say on her site…why should I approve hateful and hurtful words from readers towards a celebrity I’ve written about? They are humans like everyother person. Criticisms yes is good, but allowing people hurl insults and abuse towards a person portrays the values of that said blogger. And I believe Linda should know better that everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house. She might not be all lucky with people warning her on twitter to gain cheap popularity, she might end up having a lawsuit with the rate at which she and some of her readers angers other individuals she writes about. #Enoughsaid! Meanwhile, no beefs as I’m known to always bare my mind and give constructive criticisms. But if you choose to think otherwise? to your tent oh Israel….Lmao

So back to the wedding…..The wedding they said will hold at the Sefinah Ballroom of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Reception will take place at an exotic Island called Royal Island Beach. Their 250 Guests will be conveyed in luxury boats from the wedding venue to the Island. The wedding after party will hold at Nigerian owned club, Kiza Nite Club.

Then Finally, 2Face Innocent Idibia is officialy deleted from egosentrik’s Nigerian celebrity ‘He Goats’….you wanna know who they are and why I tagged them ‘he goats? Click on the links below…hehehe

A Massive Congrats To Annie and 2 Baba….I’ve Never Been A Big Fan Of This Relationship, With All The Dramas played out…But hey, it stood the test of time…so I wish you both all the best and may 2Face eyes stick to the bum bum of his wife and May his wife’s eyes stick to the millions on 2face’s bank account…hehe…#Justkidding

7 comments on “Black face Not Invited For Super Star 2face Idibia’s Luxury Wedding In Dubai?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations 2baba, your wife is prettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Obodo says:

    What happened to Tony Tetuila sef. The guy doesn’t sing again chai, I been like am. I like that his song ‘you don hit my car oyibo repeteeee.’ He is one of 2face grooms men, which is good, two of dem are among the people that made Nigerian music ineteresting for me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to 2Face and Anna. Shebi na that him African queen with big gele in the music video. See love ooo, me I go love ooo.

  4. Addyluv says:

    Egosentrik darling, why are you wasting your talent answering an anonymous. If the perosn wants to blab, let him or her grow some balls and put their details, instead of going down the route of anonymous. And who are you people even talking about? Linda who? That razz girl from Yaba Psychiatry. She is not making life out of blogging, she is fortunate to deceive all those Nigerian advertisers who cannot see that only jobless people and few reasonable people visit her Blog. How many of them have money to buy something? when they spend morning till nite gossiping and abusing fellow human beings. If they go to work and have enough work load, they won’t have time for senseless name callings they do on that BLOG. The first time I went there was 1 year ago and that was my last time, when I found out that the type of people that comment on her blog are abusive and insultive people I never went back there. Until I was told about egosentrik blog by my friend in US and since then I’ve not stopped coming to your blog 1st thing in the morning, during my lunch break from work and before I sleep. You see I am addicted to your Blog. Keep the Flag flying my dear, you have good reputation already just less than 3 months of starting. My Nigerian celebrity friends chat about your blog and agree that you are a force to reckon with. Don’t mind haters like anonymous talking about money miss road, that put unreliable gists on her site or copy UK newspapers and Nigerian newpapers, that is the only genuine thing on her site but she just copies and paste these stories, that is already online, as if if people can’t go and read these news papers online. To you anonymous, don’t even try my EGOSENTRIK again or I will pieces that your Linda. How am I sure she is not the one that wrote this, the way I heard she goes anonymous to insult people. Atleast Egosentrik bares her mind about people and I love that about her. Nonsense.

  5. jamila says:

    Hmmm….. Na dem sabi. Make d marriage sha last. Have u tried the green coffee and natural cleanse diet?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seiously, are you referring to linda ikeji as ‘one blogger’ .. she’s been blogging before you started and have made a real life out of it.. Give some respect mate!

    • egosentrik says:

      LMAO….. dear Anonymous! should I have said “The Blogger God of Nigeria”? Linda has done well over the years and I recognise that, but should I then be afraid to call a spade a spade? or would you rather I write a bleak post and then go behind and strike her as Anonymous?
      Meanwhile do you not agree that what is worth doing is worth doing well…
      At-least you said she has made a life and is probably still making a life out of blogging unlike some of us that do it just for the kicks, should one make a life at the expense of others or not be bothered about the implications of wrong info? So I have done bad by suggesting she checks her facts a bit more carefully? *smh*

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