Kidnapped NTA Staff Narrates Her Ordeal with Kidnappers



NTA(Nigerian Television Authority) staff  Olubumi Oke who was kidnapped by a gang of 3 men, told her story of how she survived on only water. It’s really sad as the journalist was said to be a nursing mum. However, she disclosed her release was hastened when the kidnappers realised she was a journalist and that the news was all over the place, which expose them quickly as the publicity grows.

Below is her story of what she went through in the hands of the evil kidnappers:

Can you recollect events that led to your kidnapping?

I noticed a car following me at a high speed when I drove out of my office, moments after I closed for the day. I increased the speed at which I was driving and I rolled up my car window.

Very close to Jojein Hotel on Oba-Ile Road, the road was very bad. So I had to slow down to manoeuvre through the potholes. It was at that point that they levelled up with me and blocked the car.

What happened after that?

I asked them what my offence was. I even offered them my car keys but three of them armed with guns dragged me out of my car and into their own car. One of them got into my car and drove behind us.

Did you see where they were taking you to?

They drove through Owode to FUTA and to Ondo. They told me they were taking me to Delta State but when we got to Ore, they covered my eyes. They blindfolded me from Thursday night till Saturday night when I was released. So it was impossible for me to know where I was.

We learnt that your house girl and your six-month-old baby were with you in the car?

My housemaid and baby were in the car with me initially. They (Kidnappers) dropped them on the road before driving my car away. They later got home in a public transport. I learnt they later abandoned my car at Igbara-Oke.

Where is the car now?

At the moment, the car is with the police, in Anti Robbery Squad section. When I was released on Saturday, they gave me my car keys. I hope to get the car during the week.

Did you suspect anyone as being responsible for your ordeal?

No. Nobody sent them to me. It was a case of random kidnapping. I just walked into their hands. I don’t think anyone sent them to me because they were asking me a series of questions, ‘Where do you work?’ ‘Who are you?’


I think that showed clearly that they did not know anything about me. I think the car I was driving coupled with the way I was dressed (I read news that evening; so I still had my clothes and jewellery on), made them think I was a good catch.

How will you describe your experience in their hands?

“My experience in their hands was not palatable. For days, I could only drink water.

How much did your family pay before they released you?

“The State Security Service took charge of the situation; the SARS and God’s intervention were also there. So, we did not pay. Also, the fact that they got to know that I was a journalist and that the news was everywhere hastened my release.


I still do think Nigerian government should focus on the security of the country, by retraining the police force and pay them well. That will reduce crime in the country and also equip them in tackling security issues in the country. To be honesg I am not exactly sure why the kidnapping has just become on the high side since last year…..I need to understand why?