The Most Handsome Man In The World Got A Mercedez Benz From Female Admirer

When you are too handsome, you can use it to your own advantage isn’t it? The guy who was sent away for being too handsome in Saudi Arabia (Omar Borkan al-Gala, 23) got a brand new Mercedez Benz from a woman admirer.

He told In touch Magazine ‘I got a Mercedes G55 for my birthday from a woman I didn’t know.’

Shit Head Tonto Dikeh To Celebrate Her Birthday In London

tonto dikeh

Lmao…I know people will be wondering why I started my tittle by calling actress Tonto Dikeh a *shit head*…well big grin. The reason is simple, she called bloggers shit headz and never apologised, so I have decided to address her that way…LOL…an eye for an eye…a tooth for a…complete it then..haha.

So the energetic actress Tonto is said to be celebrating her birthday in London for the first time on the 7th of June 2013, although her birthday is on the 9th of June same day the Kurukere concert will hold in London.

Anyways she has to join the trend init? Afterall…Genevive Nnaji celebrated hers in London and Stella Damasus celebrated hers in America, so Tontolicious decided I ain’t gon be different…so she decided hers will be here in  London but with a twist.

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Porn Star Afro-Candy Says Nigerians Pester Her For Sex Movies

Afro candy

I’ll start by laughing out loud…..what the heck does this woman mean? “Nigerians Pester Me For Sex”..please how many Nigerians have called you to produce sex movies with those you and your BMI ladies? That gave you the right to say that?

Please don’t generalise some low life individuals that can’t afford something good with their time as Nigerians. All you people do is drag the good name of our country to the mud.

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Popular Nigerian Designer Talks About Her Life And Rumours With Ice Prince


In an interview, the pretty designer Yvonne Nwosu spoke about her Tattoos, Ice Prince and working with Annie Macaulay (2face Idibia’ wifey).

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Second Woolwich Murder Suspect Named

The second Woolwich suspect has been named and identified by neighbours as 22 year old Michael Adebowale.


So it means both of the killers share same first names as Michael but the second suspect is 6 years younger than the other Michael Adebolajo.

His neighbour Jonathan Ackworth, 42, told the Times: “I was so shocked when I saw Continue reading

New Shocking Video Of Gunshots When Woolwich Killers Attacked Police

Woolwich-police attack

Oh boy this is a real life crime movie! Hear real gun shots not NCIS or Criminal Minds TV series, this is broad day light terror attack.

The two men tried to attack the police but were gunned down and currently recovering in the hospital for questioning.

Some Nollywood Celebrities At Tinsel 1000 event


Naija Celebrities will get there soon with their red carpet outfits…..especially Rukky…lol. That shine shine green almost got me blind. Good for  certain events…but not on Camera sweety…but I love your Tattooo….it’s wicked!!!!

Toke looked good and the rest tried but could have done better. For one second I tought Eku was a static doll…like all those boutique models that are used to display clothes…lol, she is lovely tho!

See the celebrities: