Charles Novia Lashes Out Over Keri Hilson’s Fufu Pics



charles Novia

Keri Hilson posted a picture of a bowl of fufu she made and mestioned she likes eating the food and that it’s hardwork making preparing the dish.

Fufu being an African meal found mostly in Ghana and Nigeria got some people excited to see a black American eating it *SMH*

So Charles Novia couldn’t just understand the excitement by some Nigerian bloggers and their readers, cos I won’t generalise it to be Nigerians, am sure if you ask my sisters if they saw the picture, they’ll be like “No”, what is special about fufu pics?….Hahahahaha

My own be say, this complex issue no start from today, na the thing wey make some Naija people see oyibo as a second God *biko you guys leave me alone*, you no say sometimes news dey scarce, so anything fit become story for readers….Lmao