Meet The Lady Who Is Too Beautiful To Work

Credit: ITV 'This Morning Show'

Credit: ITV ‘This Morning Show’

So according to this lady in this picture, her pretty looks drove her out of work and left her traumatised.

She claimed her male colleagues are always making advances and their girlfriends or wives come after her later on.

Laura Fernee

Laura Fernee is a PHD holder who quit her job in science and medical research which pays her £30,000 a year.

What do you think about this “Preeeeety Lady”…Lmao and her claims.

3 comments on “Meet The Lady Who Is Too Beautiful To Work

  1. Anonymous says:

    She can come clean my toilet, that way no man will make advances at her. Pretty my foot! Ego pls what is the next hot and spicy gist? This one na cold bland gist abeg lol.

  2. Dan says:

    LMAO…… There are other professions for so-called pretty gals **prost……* she is just looking for cheap unfounded excuses really… Better still she is looking for free benefit handouts Hisssss

  3. mary says:

    Lol,she’s sick in d head.any ways she has her other reasons she is nt saying be only beauty,beauty con.

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