Second Woolwich Murder Suspect Named

The second Woolwich suspect has been named and identified by neighbours as 22 year old Michael Adebowale.


So it means both of the killers share same first names as Michael but the second suspect is 6 years younger than the other Michael Adebolajo.

His neighbour Jonathan Ackworth, 42, told the Times: “I was so shocked when I saw his picture on the television. I used to see him coming and going and would say hello. He seemed perfectly pleasant. Everybody is in total shock.”

Neighbour Nicola James, 45, said of the family: “When you walked past you would hear them singing Muslim songs. You would hear them chanting through the windows.

“The gran who used to live there died and since then there has been a lot of comings and goings. I saw the man who was in the video go inside the house. I think he was a boyfriend.

“The woman I think he went out with wore a full niqab. She converted to Islam about two and a half years ago.”

Another witness said the man was known for handing out radical leaflets.

Culled from Telegraph online