X Factor’s Tamera Foster Already Broke Up Long Term Relationship Just At The Start Of Her Fame!


The pair Tamera Foster and boyfriend Joshante Amihyia had been reported to be having a very volatile relationship and the current attention and admiration from her fans (male) does not make it any better.

Although some have made remarks that she is hardly even a proper celebrity and  she has already started with the breaking up game…

But common my peeps some dudes cannot handle such competition and this babe has to focus on her career… What would you do if you were in her shoes and does this just support the saying that people cannot be popular and stay in love? #justasking

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World’s Tallest Man Marries- *YAY*


World’s tallest man Sultan Kosen 8ft 3 inches finally gets married to his 5ft 8 inches fiancee Merve Dibo, it was some sort very pitiful to hear the story of how he found it very difficult to get a partner some time ago, the pair got married a few days back  in Turkey. Good to become a celebrity…the story changes afterwards…Haha

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Nude Pictures: So who is this Nigerian gospel “Maheeda” artist sef….


Being out of circulation has really cut me out , I wonder what her story really is? Prostitute turned Gospel artist, I still never hear any of her songs sha? After the first line you are tempted to shout praise God abi? But don’t yet, her pix  and stories in the media these dayz suggest something totally different.

Imagine that a gospel artist is banned from a social network for nude pics most of which are selfies (new word of the day) .

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Sad News: 9 Year Old Raped To Death By A Teenager

According to Punch news, a 14 year old boy from the Delta State part of Nigeria, raped a 9yr old girl to death in the Ikorodu area of Lagos

Curled From Punch:
The police in Lagos State have commenced investigation into how a nine-year-old girl died, after sustaining injuries caused by alleged consistent rape. According to police authorities, the deceased was raped over five times, by a 14-year-old student, Onyi Adimabua, in the Ikorodu area of the state.

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Nollywood Actress Anita Hogan Wants To Know Your Experience

Anita and her lovely family

Anita and her lovely family

Some of us may have experienced the challenges of living outside of Nigeria or still reside outside the shores till date. Anita in this youtube video shares her experiences living abroad.

She would like you to make a short video of yourself to share your experiences too!!! Hmmnnnn…this sounds like fun to me though…watch her short video clip below: Continue reading

ELOY Awards 2013: Nollywood Actress Linda Ejiofor Needs Your Votes

“ELOY” (Exquisite Lady of the Year Awards) set to take place on Sunday, 17th November 2013, in Victoria Island. This pretty Nollywood actress Linda Ejiofor has been nominated for “Film Actress Of The Year” for her role in the movie titled “The Meeting”.

linda ejiofor

I know you love her so why don’t you vote for her? #justasking *winks*