baby halle

The baby in the picture is Halle Onyinyechi Ikejimba, she is 6 months old and currently lives in Calabar, Nigeria with her mum.

Halle has a rare and  life-threatening childhood liver disease called Biliary Atresia. The condition affects approximately 1 in 16,000 infants shortly after birth.  Biliary Atresia is not hereditary.  There is no known cause and there is no cure. The best procedure to save this child’s life will be by Liver transplant and finding a donor can take forever, which is why many children die of this chronic illness. However, in Halle’s case we thank God that     her mother out of the love for her daughter will be donating part of her own liver to save the little girl’s life.

The surgery has been arranged to take place in the UK, but the family cannot afford the estimated #6.000.000 (six million naira) required for the surgery. This amount of money will cover the cost of surgery, accommodation, feeding and transportation for both mother and daughter.

We are therefore pleading with the state and federal government of Nigeria. The good people of Nigeria to assist in saving this little girl’s life. With your help, we can give her an opportunity to survive and live a normal life like other children.

Baby Halle hardly sleep due to pain from her chest. Her parents heart are broken and they need your help. Imagine a mother watching her daughter going through pains and there is nothing she could do to help. Halle will die if a transplant is not carried out. Finding a donor is hard but thank God we have a donor, but we do need your help to raise the money involved.

No amount is too small as every little helps, please the family needs your financial help and prayers now.

We have attached a copy of her hospital report from University teaching hospital Ile-Ife where she had her first heart surgery. The doctors confirmed her liver had damaged and will require a transplant.

Halle's Report

Halle’s Report

The contact details for donation;

Mother’s details:

Ikem Onyeka Mercelina

First Bank

Acct no 3025944144

Contact tel: 07030810504


Beautiful Halle before her Liver illness was discovered

Beautiful Halle before her Liver illness was discovered