Heartless: Governor Oshiomole Abuses A Widow, Tells Her “To Go and Die”

Edo State Governor Oshiomole Adams

Governor Adams Oshiomole

A shocking video has emerged showing a helpless widow kneeling before the almighty Governor Adam Oshiomole of Edo State Nigeria, pleading with the Governor and his thugs not to confiscate her only means of livelihood as she is a widow.

To the amazement of helpless onlookers, while the woman was crying and pleading with the Governor to spare her goods, she said to the Governor, “I am a widow sir”, and his response was “GO and DIE”.

My questions are quite simple, why won’t he make her pay a fine for breaking his law, rather than say such to a widow? I thought he   was a human right activist before he became a Governor and a widower? Look at how those clueless and heartless uniform people treated a poor widow. This is how they subject young hawkers to robbery and kidnapping by taking away their legitimate means of livelihoods.

Create alternative options for them before crucifying them for breaking the law. Did he build low cost shops for hawkers? At least he should’ve put a low cost shop scheme for them and collect monthly payments from them till they gain ownership of their respective shops through their sales. In fact Nigerian leaders are surrounded by ignorant SPECIAL ADVISERS.

Watch Video below:

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  1. Fumi says:

    he is sick! because he has power doesnt mean that he can treat others like filthy trash!! Bastard

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