Mariah Carey Accused Of Performing For Fraudulent Money Men In Nigeria

Mariah Carey vs Radar Online

Mariah Carey Back stage in Nigeria

I have been notified of this horrible post on Radar online, as they called Nigeria a “World’s Center Of Bank Fraud & Human Trafficking”. Radar Online explosion on Mariah Carey came as a result of her performance during Access Bank end of year party and ex-MD’s farewell bash. Mariah posted a backstage picture of herself on twitter and that stirred up the insult.

I would’ve defended Nigeria in this case but hell No I am not!!! Why on earth will a bank pay Mariah millions of Naira to fly her to pleasure themselves? In less than one week, over 200 hundred bankers (Enterprise Bank and Keystone Bank) lost their jobs this Christmas season.  Yet a bank held an extravagant end of the year party! What an IRONY *dem never start to dey call us names sef*

I remember posting a picture of an ailing baby in dire need of LIVER TRANSPLANT….Nigerians did nothing about it. I contacted the little girl’s mum for update and she was disappointed. She told me Bloggers like Linda Ikeji and her copycats bloggers (they know themselves) refused to publish it. Only good Nigerian Blogs like Naijagists, Stelladiokorkus,naijamayor and myself of course assisted in publishing her plea for help (anyway I’ll save this gist for another day). However, these bloggers promote frivolities such as this(end of year party and  latest acquisitions) neglecting a poor child’s life that’s in danger *shaking my big head*.

My sincere reply to Radar Online is bravo for pointing this out, however, people who live in glass houses do not throw stones. American crime rate is alarming and some desperate power mongers in America are not any better when compared to Nigerian politicians and bankers. #MyHumbleOpinion

To read the full accusation by Radar Online click HERE