Quote Of The Day About Nigerian Politicians….LMAO

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Below statement made me laugh so much that I decided that it won’t be for me alone. There is love in sharing isn’t it? Oya join me read this one:

“It is very simple, Tinubu, can sit with Atiku or IBB or OBJ because Nigerian Politicians are United in CORRUPTION, and Nigerian masses are United in POVERTY and FOOTBALL. If members of National assembly want to embezzle money, they will be united in the ACT, irrespective of their ETHNIC GROUP, but when they loose election or feel they are becoming irrelevant politically, they will tell you that North, or East, or West is MARGINALIZING the other section. Or that the PRESIDENT is doing Badly. Remove emotion from it, the problem of NIGERIA is not the North nor the South but CORRUPTION and WICKEDNESS of the Ruling class”….

egosentrik says: #GBAM #GBAMMER #GBAMEST……LMAO

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