Was Online Game LEGO LEGENDS OF ‘CHIMA’ Named After An IGBO Person?


“Lego Legends of Chima is a Lego theme released in 2013. It was originally believed to replace Lego Ninjago and its TV series but Ninjago was confirmed for 2014. Lego Chima Online is a free online multi-player game where players of all ages can build and customize their character and Outpost in the world of CHIMA, explore massive environments”.

Anyways what caught my attention was the name CHIMA which is also an Igbo name that means ‘God Knows’LOL #FIDDLESTICK

I played the game and oh my GOSH it is so addictive…lol. First you would have to register(children will need parental guidance). If you want to play the game at your spare time visit HERE. Play responsibly peeps.